Sunday Dinner #1

Sunday dinners always have and always will be one of the most important things in my life.

After I was born, my grandparents insisted on feeding my parents every Sunday as an excuse to make my parents bring me over to their house so they could see me more. (I am the oldest grandchild on both sides, so my grandparents were pretty stoked to have a grandkid. I was pretty spoiled. Lol :P) As time went on, getting together as an extended family every Sunday for dinner stuck and it became one of the best traditions. 

For 20 years of my life we didn’t hardly ever miss a Sunday Dinner at grandma’s house. So, when Dakota and I moved to Logan Sunday’s became quiet and lonely with just the two of us. We started inviting our friends over to eat dinner and hang out and they loved it! And the Sunday Dinner Tradition began again, in a new light. 💡

This Sunday for dinner we had homemade pizza and spent the night watching some football, chatting with friends, and stuffing our faces full of homemade pizza and homemade Oreo cookies.

Happy Sunday! 



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