Welcome October!

Welcome October- fall, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, scary movies, family time, sweaters, apple cider, pretty leaves, and Anniversary Month!

This last weekend was such a good start to all things that come with October! General Conference weekend always brings all the perfect feels, and what made it even better this weekend was that my mom and littlest sister got to come stay with us. 🙂 Anytime I get to see any of my family my heart bursts with joy.

My little sister, Maicee, had a volleyball tournament on Saturday, so after she got done playing her and my mom made their way to our house. We got to spend all Saturday night grilling and eating some delicious hamburgers, getting some Dirty Dr. Pepper’s, doing some eyelashes, and chatting late into the night.

Sunday morning we woke up to the mouthwatering smell of my Grandma Cook’s famous stack pancakes (which are so unhealthy and soooo worth it. recipe at bottom), waffles, and sausage with the sound of the gospel being taught through general conference. There are not many better ways to wake up in the morning.

After we finished breakfast we decided to hurry and hang our new blinds that had just arrived to us on Friday. We were thinking that the whole blind hanging process was going to be a breeze. Sooo… jokes on us. It was such a pain because we needed a tool that we didn’t have. 😛 Haha Finally, we gave in and went and borrowed a tool from my uncle. Thank the heavens he had one. So, after lots of frustration, a hole in the window frame, and 4 hours of attempting to hang the blinds, we got them all hung and they look fabulous! It definitely completes our new home look. I am very happy.

Unfortunately, a lot of our valuable time with my mom and little sister were spent hanging the blinds. Which was really sad, but those kinds of things always make the memories a little more interesting and a lot more sweet. Life never goes exactly how you would like it to go (which is what I have to remind myself constantly).

I was so empty and so sad when my mom and Maicee left on Sunday evening. I always miss my family so much and then I get to see them and I am so full and happy and on such a high….. Then they have to leave and its an even bigger crash. I am such an emotional soul, so of course, I cried for a while when they left. But, the great news is that I get to see them in 2 weeks. 🙂

So, all in all, this weekend was very great. I really enjoyed seeing and spending time with my sisters and my mom. General Conference was so refreshing to the soul. And we accomplished the chores that needed to be done. It was such a great start to Anniversary Month.



 Grandma Cook’s Stack Pancakes:

6 Eggs, 6 Tbls. Flour, 6 Tbls. Milk, Dash of Salt

Place a thin layer on skillet and cook like a normal pancake. As the get done cooking, start stacking pancakes in round cake pan. Once stacking is started, add butter and sugar on top of each pancake layer. Be generous with the butter and sugar because it becomes the syrup. Once all the batter is made into pancakes and pancakes are all stacked, cover with tinfoil and place in oven at 275* and bake for 10 minutes to help butter and sugar melt together more. Serve and enjoy. 😛

instagram- @_racheldrew


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