22 Years of Love

Today is my parents 22nd anniversary! 22 years of love, hard work, friendship, happiness, trials, faith and so much goodness. My parents are the best examples of marriage and my ultimate marriage goals. 

My mom and dad have been married for 22 years, but have been together for closer to 30 years. They met in middle school and have been in love ever since. Of course they broke up a few times through their high school years, but they both always knew. 😉 (Me telling their story wouldn’t do it justice so I won’t even try :P) 

I have always looked up to their relationship and my favorite thing about their relationship is that they truly are each other’s best friend. They love to do things together. Of course they both have lots of good friends, but they would prefer to spend all their free time together. They are both very strong willed, stubborn people, yet they have a great respect for each other when they have different opinions. (Which most of the time they have the same opinions. They have very similar outlooks on life.) They balance each other out very well; my dad is very outgoing and loves to talk for hours to just about anyone while my mom is content with smiling and saying a quick hello to people she knows. They support each other in everything they do and are always each other’s biggest fan. The most important thing to them is their family. Growing up my parents never, ever, ever missed one of mine or my siblings sporting events. They were always there together supporting us in every way they could. They both have a very strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have taught my siblings and I to have faith and to be obedient and to love Jesus Christ, but they never forced us to believe in anything. We all learned from their great examples. They are some of the most selfless people I have ever met and are always willing to serve others. They truly have some of the sweetest qualities. I could go on and on about their greatness. But, what makes my heart so happy is that after 22 years they are still madly in love and continuing to grow together. ❤



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