Temple & Sushi

Dakota and I both believe that regular temple attendance is such an important thing and such a great blessing. Obviously, when life gets busy it gets harder to make time to attend the temple. 

When we moved to Logan in January we made it a goal to go to the temple every other week (twice a month). Some weeks life happens and we can’t make it, but from January until about May we did a pretty good job making sure we planned our schedules around our temple visits. When summer came we got really busy traveling, going home to visit family, taking lots of classes, and working so we didn’t do a very good job attending the temple. So, when August came and the fall semester started we made it a goal to plan the temple into our weeks again. We have been doing good so far; it’s only been a little over a month, but hey, that’s better than nothing right? 😋

My testimony of the temple grew so much over the summer because we weren’t able to attend as much and I could feel the absence in my life. I know that the blessings of the temple are real and that you can feel so close to your Heavenly Father while in the temple. Another great part of two times a month temple attendance is that we turned the whole evening into a date night. We both love sushi, so what’s a better date night than going to the temple and getting sushi together? 🙂 


P.s. Logan is absolutely beautiful in the fall. Also, we get a little carried away eating sushi sometimes. 😋


7 thoughts on “Temple & Sushi

  1. I love the temples AND sushi! I just found your blog and will be following! I am a recent convert (January 2016), and so I’ve experienced temples only partially, but from the visit to do proxy baptisms I really am eager to learn more about temples!!! I baptized my father and my wife’s father, who have both passed on, but we think about every day. What a joy to think about seeing them again!! This church is true and it blesses my family each day. Take care. Maybe we’ll have to talk more later!

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    1. How awesome!!! Congrats to you. That is incredible. It is such an awesome thing for you and for your family. The church is definitely true and knowing you can be with your family for ever is so comforting. ❤️ let me know if you ever need anything!


      1. Sorry for the late response. I have been traveling the past few days. I would love to look over it. Give me a day or so and I will let you know what I think!


      2. I honestly think your blog looks good! You have some very intriguing posts and are very inspiring to read. The layout looks good, from what I can tell about the blog features. I am still new to blogging as well, and new to WordPress, so I’m still trying to figure out all the things that it can do.

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