Sunday Dinner #4

This Sunday we got to spend Sunday Dinner at my Grandma’s, which is where the famous Sunday Dinner began. Technically, not exactly where it began because it began at their old house, but it started at Grandma’s so basically the same. šŸ˜‰ I very much enjoy hosting Sunday Dinner’s at my house in Logan, but there is something about having it at Grandma’s house that just makes it 1000x better. 

We ate some delicious enchiladas. I’m not really a fan of enchiladas, but everything always tastes better at Grandma’s I swear, so they were pretty dang good! The food was amazing, but the company is always what makes the whole night. My whole family, my aunt and her whole family, my great grandma, and my grandparents were all there and it was so fun to be together as a big family again. I missed that feeling of being absolutely complete with everyone you love. We spent the night eating and chatting and laughing and enjoying every bodies company and of course I cried almost the whole time because I didn’t want the night to end (curse my emotions for always taking over). 

It was so good to be home and feel complete again. Sunday Dinner is my favorite part of the week and definitely helps get me through the days. I’m so heartbroken that I won’t be able to be in Vernal for Sunday Dinner for another couple weeks (šŸ˜­), but I’m very excited for next Sunday Dinner because we get to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in Disneyland!!!!! 



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