1st Anniversary

I cannot believe that Fuzz and I have been married for a whole year. Time went by so fast! We experienced so much in the past year. We moved 3 times- one time including a move to a new town, both started school, worked, traveled, visited home, enjoyed sporting events, grew and learned new things together, learned to cook, and realized more each day how grateful we were for each other.

 After we got married we moved into a duplex home in Vernal that we lived in for 3 months, then we moved to Logan where we first lived in an apartment, and then we just moved into our third location which is the cutest little townhome. (The amount of random crap we accumulated each time was insane. 😝) As much I am am not particularly a fan of living in Logan, being in a town home that feels more homey, rather than an apartment, makes it so much better. I’m still getting used to being in Logan and trying to decide whether I like it or not. We have, however, definitely made lots of great memories in Logan. From hiking the the wind caves, swimming at Bear Lake, getting our groove on at the dances USU puts on, and going to all the sporting events at USU. If you get bored in Logan, you’re not living it right. We always stay busy with fun things to do.

 Fuzz started school last August at the USU extension in Vernal, but when we moved to Logan we both started at a brand new school. Fuzz started his schooling at Utah State University to become an accountant and I started at New Horizons Beaty College so I can cut hair and do nails and all that fun stuff. 

Since we are both in school we obviously can’t travel as much as we would like to. But, we have definitely done some adventurous traveling this past year. We went on a cruise to Mexico (Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta) last November for our honeymoon which was such a blast. It was the first cruise I had ever been on so it was a new adventure. We saw some beautiful places and did some exciting things like zip lining and parasailing. Over the summer we traveled to Lake Powell for Fuzz’s family’s annual trip, which is always a thrilling experience. Everybody always talks about how incredible Lake Powell is and how much they love it and I always thought everybody was just exaggerating. I am now that person that wil swear it’s one of the greatest places in the world. It truly is an incredible place. We travelled to Hana, Ut where we camped in the beautiful mountains with my family for our Cook Family Reunion. In August we made a random, quick trip to Phoenix, Arizona to go to an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Neither of us are Diamondbacks fans. (Red Sox all the way!) However, we didn’t have time to go watch the Red Sox play, and we have a goal to visit every Major League Baseball field so we figured a quick trip to Arizona to get away would be fitting. And it definitely was. It was such a blast, and it was such a good game we got to watch! The latest trip we went on was to Disneyland for our anniversary. 🤗 (Disneyland stories in another post.)

As much as we love to adventure and travel the beautiful world, going home is always the greatest trip. I love to go go go, but I absolutely love being at home with my favorite people and just hanging out as a family. So, we go home as much as we possibly can. Some people think I’m crazy, I know, but when you’re best friends and some of the greatest things in your life are at home, why would you not go? Especially when both of our parents are there. We get to see so many special people to us. 

This past year I had to pick up a new skill…. cooking! Growing up my mom always cooked everything. Everything we ate was homemade or pretty dang close to being homemade. And my mom is seriously one of the greatest cooks ever!! When we first got married and lived in Vernal, I cooked a little. But, mostly we would either eat at my parents house or Fuzz’s parents house. So, when we moved to Logan I had to pick up my game and honestly it has been a surprisingly enjoying skill. Some days it’s annoying and I would love to come home and have dinner already made for me (who wouldn’t feel like that sometimes). Most of the time, though, I really enjoy cooking and being able to eat home cooked meals together. 

The greatest thing that has happened the past year is that we have grown so much together. I thought we were so close and were best friends before (and we definitely were) but now it’s so much more powerful. We figure life out together, and spend time together, and read scriptures together, and serve each other, and try to make each other happy. It hasn’t been the easiest year. We definitely have had to figure things out and work on lots of things. We’ve had arguments and disagreements. But, even when it’s hard, at the end of the day it’s always the greatest blessing to be married to each other and to have your best friend by your side. 

The first year was so amazing, I can’t wait for the rest of forever together. ❤️





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