Sunday Dinner #5

I’m a little late posting Sunday Dinner #5 because we were in Disneyland and then we got back home and I have been trying to unpack and get back in the groove of things. So, finally, here I am, posting Sunday Dinner #5. 🙂

We got to spend Sunday Dinner #5 in DISNEYLAND for our FIRST ANNIVERSARY! 🤗 Our anniversary was on Sunday so we wanted to eat somewhere fancier to celebrate. So, Sunday morning in between rides we got online to try and make reservations at the cute restaurant we picked, to then find out you have to make reservations a day in advance…… and we had no idea! Haha So, we made reservations at the cute Jazz Cafe in Downtown Disney for the next day and decided to have our anniversary dinner the next day instead. So, Sunday Dinner then consisted of riding rides all day long, walking back to the hotel to take a quick nap (we were exhausted), eating some greasy gross/extremely delicious pizza from the hotel, and then walking back to ride as many rides as we could until the park closed.  

It ended up being a little different Sunday Dinner then we had originally planned, but the pizza and a quick nap came in super clutch. 😋 It was definitely a Sunday Dinner I will never forget. ❤


^Right before we headed back to the hotel for a nap and pizza. 


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