World Series 2016

The World Series this year was an incredible series to watch. The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians were the two teams that fought their way into the final two, and what a fight it was! Once in the final series, every game was such a fun game to watch. The Indians got up 3 games to 1 on the Cubs and, honestly, I think a lot of people assumed the Cubs weren’t going to be able to come back. Especially because the last two games of the series were played in Cleveland. But, sure enough the Cubs fought back strong and the series went into the full 7 games. ‘Game 7’ is such precious words in such an incredible series. The last game of the series was held in Cleveland where they battled back and forth, going into extra innings. Both teams played tough and it was such an entertaining game to watch. But, in the end, the Cubs pulled through and won, ending the 108 year curse on the Chicago Cubs and they became World Champions!!

I’m not a Cubs fan necessarily (a little because my sister, Lauren, is) and I’m definitely not an Indians fan. Red Sox all the way! I will forever be a Red Sox fan. ā¤ļø But, mostly I will forever be a baseball fan. As I watched the World Series this year and watched the passion that was put into each play, each at bat, and each game it reminded me why I love baseball so much. Baseball makes you feel all the feelings; intensity, excitement, nervousness, pure joy, adrenaline, butterflies, pride, confidence, humility, etc. Baseball gives you something to be passionate about, whether you are passionate about one team, or one player, or one coach, or playing the game. I absolutely love that people can find their passion and joy through baseball. Passion is such a necessity in life and it is so easy to be passionate about every aspect in baseball. Baseball teaches you many different life lessons. It teaches you responsibility, love, hard work, dedication, fundamentals, team work, etc. Baseball can help you through anything you are going through in life.

One thing that really stuck out to me during the series was that so often people get so mad at others for being ‘fake fans’. Which, I will not lie, I am extremely guilty of. It is incredibly annoying when people pretend like they are a fan of the team just because the team is in the World Series or because they are doing well. I find myself judging others so often for thinking they are Red Sox fans and have been Red Sox fans for their whole lives when I know for a fact they haven’t. And that is so embarrassing to admit such a big weakness. However, during this series my outlook on this situation changed incredibly. As I watched with hope that the Cubs would pull through and win I couldn’t help but feel extremely hypocritical. Then, finally, I decided that holy cow, IT’S A GAME. Who cares. If somebody wants to like the Red Sox, then that’s so awesome because they have found something to be passionate about, something more than just themselves to love, and something that they can feel connected to other people through. And just because I wanted to see the Cubs win does not mean that my love and passion for the Red Sox was gone. Watching the Cubs in the World Series gave me something to look forward to, something to be passionate about, something to connect with family through. 

At that moment of realization I couldn’t help but be so grateful for baseball and for the life lessons I have learned through it. Baseball never, ever let’s you down. I, also, couldn’t help but feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping me become more humble and learn such an important, much needed lesson. It’s so crazy how your questions can be answered in such mysterious, personal ways. Always have faith in your Heavenly Father. 



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