This year for Thanksgiving we got to go home and spend almost a whole week with our families. It was seriously such a fun time and was so good for my heart. Lauren, Fuzz, and I left Logan on Tuesday night to head to Vernal. (I wouldn’t want to drive four hours with anybody else. We always have the greatest conversations) Tuesday night we got to Vernal and hung out at my parents house, just chatting the night away and enjoying the fact that we were finally all together. 

Wednesday we spent the day back and fourth between Fuzz’s parents house and my parents house. Enjoying time with both families and enjoying the stress free time we had to just relax and be happy. I did some eyelashes on a friend Wednesday afternoon and then spent the rest of the evening learning how to bake pies with my mom. She is such a good little chef/baker so any time I have the chance to learn from her now I take it (now that I cook I totally appreciate her more than when I was younger 😜😬). We made an apple pie and a banana cream pie. They both turned out sooo amazing. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving day AND my moms birthday. πŸ™‚ Thursday morning we got ready and had Thanksgiving lunch with Fuzz’s family and then spent time with them playing games. Then, we went over to my house and had thanksgiving dinner with my family and celebrated my moms birthday. I am so grateful for her. She seriously is the best mama ever!!!! 

Thankful for… 
The day after Thanksgiving in Vernal is one of my most favorite days because the community throws this big celebration called Holly Days. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I do. Basically, the town puts on all these shows, games, activities, and so much more to celebrate the holidays. We don’t usually go to all of it, but we always try to go support what we can. I think the main reason I love it so much is because it truly shows how amazing Vernal is. There are definitely some different people that live in Vernal (isn’t there everywhere though), but overall the community is full of incredible people who help others and care so much about others. I am probably biased, but I think it’s the most incredible place and community. So, Friday we went to the new Disney movie Moana which was soooo good, then we went bowling with Fuzz’s family, and then spent the evening with my family walking around Holly Days. 

Saturday we made the most of our last full day home. We went shopping and Fuzz got the newest Fitbit, so I was extremely stoked for him. It is sooo awesome!! I’m obsessed with Fitbit. Then we went shooting guns with Fuzz’s family and hung out for a while and chatted with his siblings and got to spend time with them. Then, we went back to my house and hung out for the rest of the night watching Four Christmases (one of my favorite movies) and hanging out with my family. 

His and hers Fitbit 😍Like father, like son πŸ˜‰Shooting with the fam Taking a picture is always such an ordeal with these hooligans. 😜

We left Sunday morning to head back to Logan so we didn’t have to drive in the storm Sunday night. So, it was kinda sad we didn’t get to have Sunday Dinner, but it was good that the rides were clear and we travelled safely. Overall, the Thanksgiving Break was a complete success and I was on cloud 9 the whole entire time. We have the best families and are so incredibly bless. We have so so so much to be Thankful for. ❀️



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