Sunday Dinner #11

Back at Sunday Dinner again with our Logan Family. It was good to have everybody together again and enjoy every bodies company. We were missing Dalton and Shelby, they had to be somewhere at home, but other than that it was a full house! 

We had some delicious tacos and spent the evening listening to the LDS Christmas Devotional to celebrate the Christmas season. Listening to the Christmas Devotional surrounded by people I love was so comforting and was such a reminder of how blessed we truly are. Life is a gift and we live such a beautiful life. Everyday is a new day to wake up and be incredibly grateful, a new day to wake up and serve those around us, a new day to love those we come in contact with. This Christmas season our goal is to #LightheWorld with joy, love, and the Savior. 

On this first Sunday Dinner in December we were so grateful and our hearts were so full. 💕



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