Temple Lights & Jazz Game

On Saturday December 10, 2016 we went on such a fun double date!! One of Fuzz’s friends from his mission was Lauren’s date and the four of us went down to Salt Lake for a fun night in the city. It was a cold, snowy day as we drove down to Salt Lake chatting our little hearts out. Fuzz and Brenyn reminisced on the days on the mission, we learned new things about each other, and we laughed almost the whole drive. Once we got to Salt Lake we walked around temple square in the pouring rain and looked at the beautiful Christmas lights that the LDS Church puts on during Christmas time. Temple square is one of the coolest places at Christmas time, I absolutely love it! It’s one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. 

After venturing around temple square we headed over to the Vivint Smart Home Arena and watched the Jazz play the Kings. It was such a fun basketball to be at. The Jazz pulled through and won the game! It was fun to watch and was fun to be there with such awesome people. After the game we carefully drove back to Logan in the snow while we sang our hearts out to all the classic old songs that we grew up to. The night was a total success and we had such a blast! Let’s all hope things go awesome with Brenyn and Lauren. 😋 

Also, only 5 more days until our family Christmas vacation to Disneyland and St. George! Follow my insta for some fun pics of our adventures. 😋 @_racheldrew on Instagram. 



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