Sunday Dinner #12

Sunday Dinner this week was the last one we had before Christmas break and before the new year, so naturally we had to go out with a bang. We had everybody over (except those who picked linger longer) and had a delicious steak, potatoes, rolls, and salad dinner. It was AMAZING! It turned out so delicious and it was so good to be with everybody one last time before the new year. 

One thing that really struck me on this Sunday Dinner was one of our friends asking me, ‘do you ever get sick of everybody coming over and then leaving your kitchen a disaster and then you have to clean it up all by yourself?’ And without even hesitating I replied, ‘no.’ Then, I got thinking about it.. and still my answer was no. Haha 😋 The mess is always worth it! Honestly, if there is something that you love and enjoy then why would you not put forth all the effort. I absolutely love having everybody over and the mess afterwards reminds me how much joy we got to experience by all of us being together and how many memories were made. Those memories will last forever, the mess can be cleaned up and forgotten about. Always put forth effort and make the time for the things that matter most. ❤️



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