Christmas Trip

This year for Christmas, my parents decided to take us on a trip instead of getting a bunch of presents we don’t necessarily need. They kept it a surprise for most of the year, only I knew. 😏 They planned a trip to DISNEYLAND! Wahoo. Round 2 of Disneyland for Fuzz and I this year, within like 3 months. We lucked out. Finally, they told everybody and we have been counting down the days for this trip. 

Last Friday we packed all our stuff, hopped in the car, and met up in St. George, Utah where we spent the night to break up the long drive to Los Angeles. We spent the day hanging out in St. George with my grandparents and looking at trucks for my little brother (Dallen will be 16 in January. Sooo crazy!). 

Sunday morning, all 7 of us packed into the suburban and started our trek to Los Angeles. After 6 hours in the car, with lots of complaining coming from Dallen who had to sit in the very back even though he by far has the longest legs, wrestling and teasing coming from Fuzz and Dallen, sleeping coming from Lauren, singing Disney songs coming from Maicee, chatting coming from my parents, and me.. just soaking every second of it in. We finally made it to our hotel in Los Angeles and decided to spend the evening at Newport Beach. We ventured around the pier, played in the sand, Dallen played in the ocean even though it was freezing, walked around the beach shops, and ate at a delicious little beach side Mexican restaurant. 

Monday was our first day at Disneyland! Wahoo!!!! We woke up at the butt crack of dawn to make it to Disneyland the minute it opened. Walking through Downtown Disney never fails in taking your breath away. It truly it so magical when you walk in and see the giant Christmas tree, all the shops, and at the end of the street.. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. We made our way to all our favorite rides and spent the day riding rides and soaking up all the feels of Disney. 

Tuesday we spent the day at California Adventure. We rode Tower of Terror, the new Cars ride, Soarin’ Around the World, California Screamin’, Toy Story, Grizzly Rapids, and just about every ride there. By mid afternoon we were all exhausted so we waited in line to watch Frozen the play, and it was incredible! Disney never fails. We had a delicious dinner at Carnation Cafe (one of my favs) and ended the evening watching the incredible water show, World of Color. 

Wednesday was our last day at the parks. We decided to hit all our favorite rides in California Adventure and then spend the rest of the night at Disneyland. Our favorites at California Adventure were Soarin’ Around the World, Toy Story, Ariel, and Cars! We are all a bunch of babies and get sick on Tower of Terror and California Screamin’. Lol. We made our way over to Disneyland as the rain started to come. We didn’t think it would be that bad; we kept hoping it would just sprinkle. We were wrong! We got a FastPass to Indiana Jones and were trying to decide what to do when it started to DOWNPOUR! It seriously rained so hard. Dallen and Maicee wanted to go on Splash Mountain since we were already a little wet, and since it’s my favorite ride I decided what the heck. Little did we know that we were going to get soaked to the bone! Haha it is seriously such a fun ride, but you get soooo wet. So, after riding Splash Mountain and being soaking wet, we decided to head back to the hotel and take a nap, hoping that the rain would go away. After a much needed 3 hour nap for everybody, the rain finally stopped and we headed back to Disneyland to make the most of the last night. We rode our favorite rides in Disney: Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear, and ate some delicious clam chowder in bread bowls. We took in the last magical feelings as it started to rain and made our way back to the hotel as the fun couple of days came to a close. 

Thursday and Friday we spent making our way back to Vernal so get ready for Christmas. Overall, the trip was a complete success and we are so blessed. I have the greatest family and I love them so much. Any memory made with them is my favorite! For kicks and giggles, here is the adorable transformation of Dallen. 

Disney never fails. ❤✨ 



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