Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!!!! I will have to admit that Christmas #2 as a married couple was 1000x less stressful than our first Christmas. So, if the trend continues, I can’t wait to see how easy breezy next Christmas is. 😛 Jk. It’s probably going to go back to being extremely stressful. I’m just going to expect it already.

Anyway, focusing on this Christmas. As I said in the Disneyland post, our trip to Disneyland was basically our Christmas present. Fuzz‘s parents went out and spent Christmas with Fuzz’s brother, aunt & uncle, and cousin in SLC. So, our Christmas this year was extremely laid back with just one family.

For as long as I can remember my family has had a very solid Christmas Eve day long tradition. My aunt was in charge of a ‘Helping Hands Christmas Eve Dinner’, which is a big thing in Vernal where we would prepare a dinner and take it to old people or people who are in need and spend time with them on Christmas Eve. It was literally the best part of Christmas. But, this year my aunt turned it over to another family at her church, so we weren’t in charge of it anymore. It was so weird to not have that as part of our day! After the dinner we would go to the movies, come home and watch The Nativity, open Christmas pajamas, and go to bed.

This year was a little bit different. I woke up Christmas Eve morning and worked out. We spent the day hanging out, wrapping the few presents we had, cooking & baking food for out Christmas Eve feast, and hanging out with family. We visited my Great Grandma Johnston which was so great! I love visiting her. We had Christmas Eve dinner, which was delicious. We ate at my Grandma Smuin’s house with all of my Smuin family and had a delicious ham, salads, potatoes, vegetables, and rolls. We love food. Haha Ending the evening we opened our Christmas Eve pajamas and watched The Jungle Book.

We woke up Christmas morning at 8 am and opened our stocking gifts and the few presents we had. (Christmas morning gets a little boring when there aren’t kids around, that’s for sure. But, it was still a great morning!) After opening presents we made our way to my Grandma & Grandpa Smuin’s for Christmas breakfast which (once again we are fat and love food) was incredibly delicious. Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, we had an hour of church at 11 that we went to. In past years I have never liked when Christmas fell on a Sunday, but this year was different. The schedule of the meeting was a little bit different this week. We took the sacrament, like normal, but instead of having 2 speakers and then a closing song and prayer, 4 people were asked to bare their testimonies and in between each testimony we sang a Christmas song. I love singing Christmas songs at Church, it’s like my fav! But, what really made this meeting and this day so special was that my dad was one of those 4 people that bore their testimonies. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl, and my dad has such a special place in my heart, so naturally he got up there and I couldn’t keep myself together. I lost it in all the right ways as he bore the sweetest testimony of eternal families, the power of the atonements, and his love for our Savior, Jesus Christ. It truly was the best part of this Christmas.

After church, we napped until Christmas dinner…. and Christmas dinner was the since we ate prime rib. It was incredible! (We really are obsessed with food, how embarrassing haha) We played some games and spent the night enjoying each other’s company and soaking up every last minutes of the Christmas spirit.

Overall, it was a very successful Christmas. We are so incredibly blessed. And I am forever grateful for my Savior, and all the I have because of him.

pics: Great Grandma Johnston, Christmas Eve opening pajamas, Christmas morning before our stocking scavenger hunt, Stockings, Brooklee’s Christmas morning hair ;P




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