Christmas Break

This year for Christmas break it was kind of a pain. The only day off from school that I had was Christmas Eve day, while Fuzz had a whole 3 weeks off from school. I took a whole week off so we could go to Disneyland with my family, but then it would have kind of sucked because we would have had to go back to Logan the day after Christmas and not even be able to spend time in Vernal. After lots of stressing, and lots of back and forth decisions we finally decided that even though it would push back my graduation date to take 2 weeks off of school, it would be worth it in the end. So, I took 2 weeks off of school and we have been chilling in Vernal, hanging out with family and friends, and it has been one of the best decisions!

Monday I got to go to lunch with 3 of my old friends from high school (Keeley, Kacee, and Tanika). It was so fun to be able to sit and chat with them about where life has taken them and what adventures they have had this past year. Life is so crazy how it can change so much and so little all at the same time! They are all doing very well and are super successful in what their life has brought. Keeley is married to a super awesome guy named Taylen and they are living in his home town where they both work. Tanika is married to a super awesome guy named Raleigh who is from Vernal. Tanika has a great job, and they have their own little house to make memories in. Kacee is married to Dalton and they are happily living and going to school in Missouri. It’s really fun to see people you really care about do great things in life. Monday night we went over and spent the evening hanging out with Fuzz’s parents and exchanging Christmas gifts with them.

Tuesday we hung out and ran errands with my family. Dallen and Fuzz went coyote hunting and shot a fox! They finally brought something home. It’s so fun to be able to hang out and relax.

Wednesday we went to lunch with Denver and Kaycee and enjoyed catching up with them. Wednesday night we went hunting with Denver, Kaycee, and Dakota and got to enjoy driving around and hanging out with some of Fuzz’s friends from high school. The night became even more exciting when they shot a bobcat!

Thursday & Friday we helped my family clean up and gut out the house that my dad bought to fix up. My dad loves to buy, fix up, and sell houses. I actually really enjoy it as well! I just don’t really like to touch all the gross stuff. Haha Friday night we went to the new Star Wars movie with Fuzz’s parents and spent the evening hanging out and chatting with them.

Saturday we spent the morning helping my dad clean out the house some more and fix some more things there. Lauren and I played with Wrigley for a really long time while I played with my new camera and took pictures of Wrigley. Saturday night was New Year’s Eve.. so.. more to come on that in the next post. 🙂





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