Sunday Dinner #16

Sunday Dinner #16 was our first dinner back in Logan with our Logan family. Not everybody could make it, but we enjoyed being together with a lot of the group. We, also, had some new visitors come to dinner… hopefully they enjoyed their time and will become regulars. We can only hope. 😋 Fuzz gets stressed sometimes about inviting too many people. But, I love it! The more people the merrier. The more people I have to love is seriously what I want in life. Haha I would invite every single person we come in contact with during a regular week if he would let me, but unfortunately our house isn’t quite big enough. Haha 

For dinner we had homemade pizza and breadsticks, and like always it was a huge hit. It turned out awesome and we spent the night catching up on how every bodies breaks were and projecting what this new semester was going to bring. Hopefully it’s going to bring lots of delicious and satisfying Sunday Dinners. 🙂 



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