Week #2

This weeks journal question…

When are where were you born? Describe your home, your neighborhood, and the town you grew up in.

I was born on June 26, 1996 in the greatest little town called Vernal, Utah.

I lived in multiple different homes growing up. My first home was in my parents first house together. It was a cute, little, old house in the center of town. I do not remember that house at all. šŸ˜‹

We then moved into a great neighborhood where I enjoyed my toddler/childhood years. We lived in a cute, new house that was two stories. I have lots of great memories from that house- from my parents bringing my new little sister home and being able to play dress up with her, to my cute puppy named Toby, to 9-11 and all the details of waking up to a world that was slowly changing, to hating the neighbor down the road because she was weird.. even though my family was really good friends with her family, to meeting my first best friend who lived across the street.

Next, we moved into a new home that my parents built that was in the exact same neighborhood, just one street over. šŸ™‚ In this house, I was more of a kid instead of just a child. I remember when my parents brought home my little brother and my second little sister and how happy I was to be an older sister all over again both times. I remember getting a new dog and naming her Zowie and she was the best dog ever. I remember wanting to marry the kid that lived next door, and dreading the day I had to ride the bus to first grade. I hated leaving my mom, so naturally first grade was a disaster.

Next, we moved into the home that my parents still live in. We moved into that home the summer before I went into third grade. So, I still did a lot of growing up in this home. I experienced first crushes, first kisses, middle school, junior high, high school, and all the in betweens of life in this home. It is, and probably forever will be, one of the most homey, comfortable, and safe places for me. I became best friends with my parents and siblings, got to live next door to my grandparents and develop such sweet relationships with them, experienced trials and hardships- but many, many, many more accomplishments and victories. We had too many lemonade stands to count, even more backyard baseball games that got way too competitive, and got to spend every Sunday Dinner with my whole family. This home will forever be one of the closest places to Heaven for me. ā¤

Vernal, Utah is a very interesting place to describe, and I know I am completely biased when I say that it is the greatest place in the whole world to live. But, it really is. Vernal is a place that is small enough that you know majority of the people that you run into, but not too small where everybody knows everybody’s business. It’s a very tight knit community and there are so many incredible people that you can count on. I love that when you run errands you know so many people that you see, but also, if you didn’t want to be seen you wouldn’t have to be. Vernal is a town that is extremely affected by the oil field. When the oil field is booming, Vernal is growing tremendously. When the oil is down, Vernal starts to shrink again. It gets scary sometimes when the oil business starts to go down, but it is also so awesome to see the community come together and support local and small businesses. Everybody wants to help others succeed. A fun fact; Vernal is also widely known for being ‘dinosaur land’, so that’s awesome. Lol. Now, I know there are other great places in the world, and I definitely love to explore and venture. But, I hope that someday I will be able to raise my kids in Vernal and that they can experience life in a great place. ā¤




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