OMG! I passed probably one of the scariest, most intense tests of my life this past Monday. It was so awesome. I passed the practical boards exam for cosmetology and barbering. We spent the whole month of January (and basically the past whole year) preparing for this test. I seriously lived off of mike-n-ike’s, Cadbury eggs, and stress for a whole month trying to get the kit together and prepare. But, it payed off in the end because I passed! Now, I just have to take the written test and finish my hours and I will be graduated from beauty school. One huge step closer to being out of school! Wahoooooooooooo!!




  1. Congratulations! You have accomplished an important goal and I hope you have gained great personal satisfaction! The work that you will do will help people feel more beautiful and that will make the world a better place. Thanks for the post and remember to smile 🙂

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