Sunday Dinner #18

Sunday Dinner #18 was quite the adventure. We have this big group message called ‘The Sunday Dinner Club’ that I text every week to invite all our friends. There are probably about 25 people that we invite, and only about 12 or so people (different people every week) come regularly. Well… this week, for some reason, everybody was able to come and there were so many people here! It was a little intimidating, and I was definitely freaking out inside a little because there is not room for that many people in our place. And to add to that stress Fuzz was freaking out a little because he thought somebody was going to spill on the carpet. So.. anyway! To say the least, it was stressful, but it turned out sooooo perfect!!!! It was so fun to get everybody together. Nobody even cared that there wasn’t enough places to sit. We had the most delicious pasta and had a pasta bar with salads, and garlic bread. it was so delicious. 🙂




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