Week #3

Journal Question of the Week…

What memories do you have of your father? 

Well, this will probably be one of the easiest journal questions because I have so many memories with my dad. I truly think I have the best dad in the world. 

My dad’s name is Jamey Dan Smuin. His birthday is 4 days after mine, so we get to share June birthdays and it’s always been fun to be able to celebrate each other so close together. My dad was, like me, born and raised in Vernal, Utah. He owns his own plumbing business in Vernal, and until just recently, owned it with his dad (my grandpa) and they got to work together. (My grandpa just retired about a year ago)

I have so many awesome memories with my dad. Growing up my dad was always there for me. He has always been such a great example of hard work and has taught me so many lessons. Some of the greatest memories I have of my dad are growing up with him coaching me in softball, camping with our family, going on fun vacations, being able to talk to him about life, and so much more. 

I was lucky enough to share one of the greatest experiences playing softball with my dad as my coach. From the time I could play tee ball, he was my coach. He coached me through tee ball, coach pitch, all stars, travel teams, high school, and even into the championship game my senior year of high school. Being able to experience some of my greatest achievements and some of the most valuable lessons with my dad by my side is truly something I will treasure for the rest of my life. It will forever be one of the most important things to me, and I know it is definitely one thing that helped our relationship develop and become what it is today. 

However, even though sports and our coach to player relationship was so important to me, I will never forget one special experience where it was so clear to me that even though I had accomplished so much in sports, he was proud of me for who I was and who I was becoming. One time in young women’s class our leader had our dads write about why they were proud of us and what not. As I read the letter that my dad had written, I was overwhelmed with love as he expressed how proud of the person I was, the love that I had for others, and how great he thought my future was going to be, without bringing up any sort of sports accomplishment. 

Camping and vacations are some of the best memories I have with my dad. He was always trying to create fun memories and adventures for us. We would go camping a lot, and we have been on some fun trips.. such as Hawaii, or Oregon, or Washington, and South Dakota, and Disneyland, and so many more. He always works so hard to be able to take us to do fun things and create such long lasting memories. 

There are so many big memories I have of my dad, but my favorite memories are the small, simple times that we have had together. I will never forget how he would start my car and wipe the snow off my windows every single day for me before school started. He would always make us help work in the yard and I used to absolutely hate it and think that it was so stupid. But, now I look back and I can honestly say that some of my most favorite memories of our family were those times out doing yard work together, just enjoying a nice Saturday and being able to work hard together. My dad was always, always there to listen to any problem I had (and truth be told, I am quite a dramatic person. I’ve gotten better, but bless my high school self). But, no matter what problem I was having, or what was going on my life, he was always so observant and so willing to sit down and listen to every struggle I was having or celebrate every victory I had and even give me some of the best advice in the world.

My dad is the hardest worker, the biggest teddy bear, the most intense guy, has the strongest testimony, is the best example of love and marriage, and is truly the best dad in the whole entire world. My relationship with my dad will always be one of my most valued relationships and I am so grateful for him and everything he continually does for me. I love my dad so much. ❤



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