Week #4

Journal question of the week..

What memories do you have of your mother?

This is going to be another easy journal question. 🙂 I truly have the best mom ever. My parents are some of the greatest human beings on this planet.

My mom’s full name is Tanya Lee Smuin. (Her maiden name is Cook) She comes from a really big family; one of eight siblings. My mom is a full time mom. We grew up with her at home, which is something I will be forever grateful she was able to do, and do so well. She works one day a week at a doctor’s office as a receptionist. My mom’s a little bit crazy in the head (not really 😜) because she absolutely loves any sort of medical thing. She loves to watch people pop zits, or cut people open, or any thing of the sort. It makes me sick to even think about any of those things. Lol. My mom is such a selfless person and is always willing to serve others. She is very inspiring in how she takes care of herself; always working out and eating healthy. She truly is my role model in every role she plays; mother, sister, daughter, wife, leader, & friend. 

Growing up my mom was fortunate enough to be able to be a stay at home mom and spend her time with us. She did work one day a week, bless her heart- she definitely needed a day away from us. Haha. But, being able to have that time with her is something that I will forever be grateful for. She took us to the zoo, to the water slide, to the lake, did fun things at home, taught us how to clean, helped us with lemonade stands, and so much more. She was able to help in our classes at school and was always there when we needed help in homework. Every night, without fail, she would have a delicious home cooked meal on the table and the house was always clean! She seriously is super woman, I’m telling ya. 

The older I got, the closer and closer I got with my mom. I was always able to tell her anything and know that she would listen, but more importantly, I always knew she would have the greatest advice. She was very good at telling me what she thought, even if it might not have been what I wanted to hear. And in the end, she was always right. 😏 She never missed a single one of my sports games, ever. She is and was my biggest supporter in everything I did. She did my hair so perfectly for every dance I went to- no matter how big of a fit I threw because it needed to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. My hair always turned out even better than I expected. She has so so many talents! Hair dresser, doctor, chef, launder, friend, wife, mother, teacher, leader, inspirer, lover, fitness instructor, photographer. My mom is one of the healthiest, most in shape mom’s I have ever met. She has such a good balance when it comes to eating healthy and enjoying delicious foods. She works out every morning, without fail, and works so hard. She is so so so cute!! 

I feel like I have always been grateful for my mom, but now that I have moved out and have my own little family I appreciate the little things she did so much more. I appreciate her always doing our laundry, for making dinner every single night, for going to the store, for spending quality time with us even if she may have had things to do, for working out every morning, for never acting like we were a burden to her life, for planning and being organized, and for all the little things she did to help make our family so incredible. Now that I am a wife, I look to my mom and her example of how she treats my dad and how good they are to each other, and I pray that my marriage will be able to be like their marriage. They truly are everything and more in marriage goals! 

My mom truly is one of my very best friends. I wish I could express in words how much she means to me and how great I think she is, but I don’t know the words to. I love her so so much. I hope that someday I will be able to be even half the person she is. ❤ 



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