Sunday Dinner #19

This past Sunday Dinner was really fun. It was definitely a little bit more low key, not as many people came. I think what won everybody over last week was the pasta bar.. nobody can help themselves when it comes to a pasta bar. 😜 but, it was nice to not have as much stress this week. (I always say that, but why am I kidding, sometimes I think I truly enjoy being stressed? Something is wrong with me. Haha) Anyway, we had some delicious Frech Dip sandwiches. They were so so easy! We’ve ever made French Dip’s this way before.. but since there were like 14 or so people, we decided to just buy some lunch meet roast beef and put the roast beef on some buns with sliced cheese and broil them for a couple minutes. They turned out so delicious! And you couldn’t even tell they were so cheaply made. So, win for the week, that’s for sure. 👌🏼🙂



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