Week #5

What kind of work do your parents do?

So… I kind of answered this in Week #3 about my dad and Week #4 about my mom. But, I can never talk to much about my parents. 

My dad owns his own plumbing business. He used to own it with my grandpa, but my grandpa just retired. His business is called JDS Plumbing and he is such a good business owner. The more I learn in school about being an adult, the more I appreciate what he does and has done for his own business, and for his family. My dad has always, always worked so hard. Growing up he always provided for our family, and we always were able to have the things we needed. My dad works really hard, but he also is very good at balancing his work life and family life. Sometimes owning your own business may get a little difficult to not bring work home and let that take over your home life as well, but he always made sure that when he was home he was a dad. There were times that he had to run to work late at night or go fix something for somebody at very inconvenient times, but we always admired his willingness to help others. It definitely is his job, but he is always so caring and never wants anybody to have problems. I think that is another reason he has been able to be so successful as a business owner, because he truly cares about the people he works with and works around. He definitely doesn’t put up with crap (lol), but he is such a caring guy. One of my favorite memories of my dad and his job was one Christmas Eve a family needed help with their pipes or something, and so willingly my dad went over to fix the problem. Then, instead of charging or even overcharging for having to fix something on Christmas Eve, he simply fixed the problem and wished them a Merry Christmas. If that doesn’t say so much about him, then I don’t know what does. ❤

My mom, for the most part, is a stay at home mom and probably the best mom anybody could ask for. She works one day a week at a doctor’s office. She is a receptionist there, but loves to fill in and help any where she is needed. She loves, loves, loves watching people be cut open, or popping zits, or watching surgeries, or anything gross like that. Haha the thing about my mom is that she isn’t just a stay at home mom or a receptionist at a doctor’s office once a week- she’s way more than that. She has so many talents that make her so many things. She is one of the best cooks ever, she always makes the best treats and always has a delicious home cooked meal ready for dinner. She is so in shape! She loves anything fitness and totally rock anybodies socks off as a fitness instructor. She is really good at doing hair, and is so creative and so talented. She braids way, way better than I do and I’m in beauty school. Lol. And probably the thing she is best at is being a teacher. She taught us so many lessons, way more important than any math lesson or science lesson. She taught us how to take care of ourselves, and how to be responsible, and how to love others, and how to enjoy life, and how to do hard things, and so so much more. ❤

Between the two of them, I think we were definitely taught to work hard, serve others, and enjoy every day for what is has to offer. 🙂



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