Week #6

How many siblings do you have? What are their names and what are they like? 

I am the oldest of four kids. I have two sisters and one brother. In order it goes.. me (20), my sister- Lauren (18), my brother-Dallen (16), and my sister-Maicee (12). We are all really close, in different ways, but I feel extremely grateful that I have such good relationships with my siblings. I think they are all pretty dang awesome. ❤️

First is Lauren. 

Lauren is 18. She just graduated high school and started her first year of college this last year. She is studying to become a 4th grade teacher. Lauren is one of the most accomplished, hard working, dedicated people I know at her age. She played softball, volleyball, and basketball in high school- starting varsity at least 2 years in each of those sports. She received 10 letter awards in high school for participating in those sports. In each of those sports she received and Academic All-State award, which means in the whole sport, covering the whole state she had the top best grades. 🤓 She graduated from Uintah High School with a 4.0 and was one of the valedictorian’s. She got a full ride scholarship to become a teacher and is working her butt off to get her schooling done as fast as possible. So, to say the least, she is extremely talented and is going to do great things in this world.

Lauren and I have always been best friends, but we haven’t always had the greatest relationship. We’re about 18 months apart and have always done everything together. We always got the same presents at Christmas, and then Lauren would switch them without me knowing because she liked the color I got better or something like that. (She’s a sneaky little devil) We have always shared clothes and looked very similar. I have always adored Lauren and was so excited to be her older sister, but she wasn’t always so excited to have me as an older sister. Lol. My senior year of high school she was going to be a sophomore and I was soooo excited to have her in the high school with me.. and she was not so in excited. She did not want to be my friend. Secretly she did, she just didn’t want to admit it. 😜  So, that year we had our ups and downs and our arguments and trials, but through it all we came out better friends. We learned to work well with each other and became such good friends. Through the years we have definitely had our hard times, I think like any sisters do, but now our relationship is stronger than ever. We enjoy learning and growing together and we have gotten to the point now that we love each other for who we are. Even though we have differences in our personalities, we are a lot more alike than we both ever thought. Now that she is in Logan and we are in Logan and we are both ‘on our own’ we have learned to appreciate each other and rely on each other a lot more. I’m grateful that we get to experience life together and that we have been able to become BFF’s.

Some of my favorite things about Lauren would be…. she is very honest. If you ever want to know that truth about something, ask Lauren. She is very hard working, dedicated, and determined. When she wants something she will stop at nothing to get it. She is very very cute. She has everybody’s hair goals. She loves to be around family. She is extremely smart. She is one of the most naturally athletic people I know. She is very funny and loves to laugh. She loves to sleep and relies on naps to get through her day. She loves to watch baseball. She doesn’t easily let people in, but when she does let you in you will mean the world to her. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and is a very good example of living righteously, as well as having fun. She works hard to become better each day. She truly is one of the greatest people. Everybody needs a Lauren in their life. I’m grateful I have her in mine. 👯

Second, is Dallen.

Dallen is 16 years old. He is the only boy and definitely is spoiled (not that we all aren’t. 😋) He is currently a sophomore in high school. Dallen is so so handsome, and is really tall and still growing. My great grandma used to call Dallen ‘Big Foot’ as a nickname because he had the biggest feet to contrast his tall, skinny body. Haha Dallen is really good at baseball and golf. He is extremely talented in both sports and I love watching him play. Dallen is one of the funniest people I have ever met. He used to not say much, but when he did it was hilarious. The older he gets the more he comes out of his shell. So, he talks a lot more than he used to and still everything he says is so freaking funny. I love being around Dallen because you can’t be around Dallen and not smile. 

I feel like Dallen and I have always had a pretty good brother-sister relationship. Lauren and I would beat up on him when he was younger, now we don’t even look at him the wrong way because he could totally wreck both of us. Lol. When Dallen was younger he was the cutest, most timid and shy little thing. He would get so nervous around people. Over the years he has grown so much. He still sometimes gets nervous around new people, but he is so much better at talking. Dallen has such an adorable love for babies. He has always been a baby whisperer. Babies love Dallen and he is so good to them. He is like a big friendly giant. 🙂 Dallen loves to hunt and is really good at it. He enjoys being outdoors; hunting, camping, four wheeling, all of that good stuff. Dallen has the most energy of anybody I’ve ever met. He never just sits and holds still. He’ll go outside and walk around, come back inside and eat a snack, go back outside, come inside, back and forth. He just recently got a dog and he is the best little doggy daddy. He is very responsible and knows what he needs to do. Dallen is a hard worker. I have really enjoyed watching Dallen go from a kid, to a preteen, to now a little (big) man and to watch how his interactions with people have changed. He is such a little gentleman. He is definitely a bully brother to his sisters and jokes around and picks on us, but you can always tell that he cares about us and loves us and would always protect us. Dallen knows how sensitive my heart is and used to kind of be a bully about it, but the older he gets the more aware he is of my feelings and the more he cares (without actually showing he cares. Lol.) He has the cutest little girlfriend right now and is so respectful to her. I’m proud of the way he treats her and I know that he’s going to be an awesome guy in the future. Another thing that makes me so proud of him is the choices he has made in his life. The world and the temptations right now for young men is so scary and so disgusting and he has done such a good job to make good choices, stand up for the things he believes in, and to put himself in good situations. 

There are so many good things about Dallen. Someday I hope he realizes how amazing he is. His confidence has grown a little every year as he goes through new things. But, I hope somebody that he will fully see how incredibly awesome he is. I love being an older sister to Dallen. I love being around him. I love laughing with him. I love being able to have serious conversations, funny conversations, and all the in betweens. He is so talented, so humble, such an gentleman, so kind-hearted, and so genuine. Anybody that meets Dallen can’t help but love and laugh with him. He truly is one of my most favorite people in the world. 💙

And last, but certainly not least, is Maicee. 

Maicee is 12 years old. She’s the youngest of the 4 kids. And she’ll probably end up being the cutest, most talented, and successful of us all. 😜 Haha jk. It’ll be a close race, but she’ll definitely give us all a run for our money. Maicee has always been a ball of fire. From the time she was younger she always knew and got what she wanted, she would sneak out of having to do chores, and wasn’t afraid to tell you what she thought. Maicee plays volleyball, basketball, softball, and golf. But, she could probably do just about anything you asked her to, and be the best in the team within weeks. She is very naturally athletic and is a very natural leader in the sports that she is involved in. 

When Maicee was young she did gymnastics and was the sassiest little gymnast that never took off her ‘retard’ (leotard). She wore that thing around everywhere, day and night. As she got into her fourth, fifth, and sixth grade years she started to get a little chubby and started to crawl into a little shell. She became less social, and wasn’t as spunky and energetic as her little kid self was. Then, puberty hit and she sprouted up and grown into herself a little more and has become quite the young lady. She is very confident in who she is. She knows what she wants. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. If her friends don’t invite her to do something she has more of the ‘well their loss’ than the ‘oh no I’m missing out’ kind of attitude. She has become more involved in the family and I feel like my relationship with Maicee is night and day different than it used to be. We used to kind of pick on Maicee, and then some things happened and as a family we started to value and show interest and care about Maicee and her opinions and outlooks more, and I feel like that has helped all of our relationships. Not only is Maicee so athletic and confident and awesome, but she is also one of the smartest people have. For a long time she wanted to be a doctor or a scientist when she grew up. She loves school and loves to learn. She works hard in school and is so determined to learn new things. Maicee is also one of most beautiful little things I have ever seen. 😍

One of the funniest stories of Maicee when she was younger was when we were eating dinner at my grandma’s house. She didn’t want to finish her hamburger, so she sneakily went to the bathroom without anyone really noticing. When she came back, she put her plate in the sink and got down to play. Well, my grandma started thinking it was a little suspicious that her hamburger was gone that fast. So, grandma walked back into the bathroom and found maicee’s hamburger hidden behind the toilet. Hahah so so funny. 

I think Maicee is such an amazing person. She has so many qualities that I look up to, and I know that as Maicee continues to grow that she is going to be so successful and be such an inspiration to many around her. One of the biggest blessings in my life lately has been my relationship with Maicee growing. Maicee is the perfect balance between sass and confidence. 💜

 Being the oldest definitely has its ups and downs. But, one of my most favorite things about being the oldest is the fact that I have been able to watch these hooligans grow up. Even though at times I wished I didn’t have to be the first going through things, I’m glad I could go first and experience things so then I can help them when they need it. I love being able to watch them grow up and become such amazing people. I love that I have a very unique and personal relationship with each of them and I hope with all my heart that as we all grow up and start our own families that we will stay close to each other. 



One thought on “Week #6

  1. Drew … I L O V ED this post!! What a treasure this will be for all of you in a few more years (as if it’s not already!!) what sweet comments for all your siblings; brought tears to this Gma’ s eyes as I read each one and looked at each photo!!
    Love you to pieces
    PS Gpa would love to receive these posts, too! His email is: bruce.cook8@gmail.com


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