President’s Day Weekend

We had such a fun weekend! We got to enjoy seeing both families and loved spending time with everybody. It was a stressful weekend to plan. We had plans, then our plans changed, then our plans changed again, and then again. So, it was an ordeal to say the least, but it turned out awesome! Thank goodness.

Friday around 3 we left Logan to head down and meet my parents in Salt Lake. We ate at a delicious place called Tin Roof Grill with my parents, Lauren, and Maicee. The food was awesome and it was so good to be with my family again. After dinner we went to the hotel and just chilled. We didn’t do much, but it was so perfect. Just being able to enjoy talking, catching up on the little things of life that we miss out on by not seeing each other more often, and laughing together. It’s always so refreshing to be with my family.

Saturday was such a good day! I finally got to watch Maicee in a club tournament. I took Saturday off school so we could be there. It was so much fun. We spent the whole day watching Maicee play awesome volleyball. Her cute little team took first place in the silver division. It was fun to be able to watch Maicee, and it reminded me how much I missed volleyball and the competitive atmosphere. Hopefully I can get back involved in volleyball somehow soon. But, holy cow! Maicee is such a little stud. She is seriously so good and so natural. It’s impressive to watch how good her and her team are at such a young age.

Saturday night we sadly had to say goodbye to my family because they were going back to Vernal. Then after saying goodbye we met up with Fuzz’s family. We ate dinner and chatted and then had a blast at Top Golf. Personally I thought Top Golf was awful because I suck at golfing, haha. But, it was a blast to be with everybody and to enjoy that time with all of his family being together.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to church at Keisha’s ward. Church is always a little different experience with kids. Haha We laughed a little too much during the sacrament while Morgan teased and taunted Graham and Fuzz totally floored Graham with a ‘magic disappearing toy’. Fuzz would put the toy in his sleeve and then pretend to pull it out of Graham’s ear or out of his shirt and Graham thought it was the coolest, funniest thing. Morgan’s a little monster, and probably the cutest little monster at that. That little monster does not like to hold still. Luke’s getting older and doesn’t quite think we are as cool as we used to be to him. But, it was really sweet because he does still have that unconditional love in his heart. He’s drew a picture of me and him and showed it to me; he wouldn’t let me have the picture, he just wanted to show me. But, it was still really sweet and it made me feel good that he still thinks I’m somewhat cool. 🙂 Sunday after church we took several different naps and hung out until dinner. We had some delicious dinner and cake and watched Trolls with the little boys.

Originally we were planning on going home Sunday night, but man, I truly cannot say no to Graham. He is the sweetest little thing. So, when he asked Fuzz and I if we could stay the night again, we couldn’t say no. We ended up staying Sunday night and woke up Monday morning early to spend time with the boys before we left again. We played lots and lots of hide and seek, did lots of ‘magic tricks’, ate lots of unhealthy/delicious food, jumped on the tramp, chatted, and enjoyed the time that we spent with Fuzz’s family.

So, all in all. Even though I was sort of dreading the weekend because of everything that happened before, it ended up being a really good weekend. We got to see my family and Fuzz’s family and now my heart is so full again. I am refreshed and ready to push through the next couple of weeks until we get to see my family again. ❤

This is kind of random, but one thing I learned this weekend about myself.. well, really about life, is that life truly is what you make it. It’s really easy to get flustered and upset and to let all the little bumps in the road upset you, but if you have a good attitude then life will be happier and easier. Having a better attitude won’t necessarily make the situation different, but it makes it better. So, next time you have an unexpected plan change or something happens that you don’t necessarily want to do, take a step back, breathe, and remember that life is good.



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