Week #7

What are some of your family traditions?

Growing up we had many different family traditions; some bigger and some small simple traditions. But, all of the traditions we have/had I hold very dearly to my heart. I’m a very emotion personal and I really like consistency, so having the same activities and traditions each year with my people means a lot to me. Some traditions we have include Christmas traditions, Sunday Night Dinner, softball seasons, Thanksgiving traditions, Easter traditions, and more.

One of my favorite traditions we have as a Smuin family is our Christmas tradition. Each year on Christmas Eve we would spend the day getting ready and cooking, then that afternoon we would go to the ‘Helping Hands Dinner’ which was probably the best part of Christmas. The ‘Helping Hands Dinner’ was a service activity that my aunt and her friend’s church would put on where we would cook and serve dinners to elderly, or those in need and then people from the community could come get the boxed dinners and deliver them to those who needed the dinners. It was so fun to be serving those in need over such a great holiday with such great people. (unfortunately somebody else in the church took over the Christmas dinner and as of this past year we no longer do it. so that is sad.) After the Christmas dinner we would go see a new movie at the theater, then go home and watch The Nativity Story and talk about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. Of course, Christmas eve pajamas were opened and then off to bed we went. On Christmas morning we would wake up early and open presents. As we got older and the ‘spirit of Santa’ slowly left our home, my parents started making these scavenger hunts and hiding our presents. So, we would wake up and have little messages and clues that went along with things we had done the past year that led us to our Christmas present. It was so cute and so fun! After playing with our new things and opening presents we would go over to my grandma and grandpa Smuin’s and have Christmas morning breakfast and open presents with the Smuin side family. Then, depending on where my grandma and grandpa Cook were we would visit them or they would stop by and visit us. Naturally, after waking up early and all the excitement of Christmas, by afternoon we were normally tired and would take a nap. Then, to top off all the excitement of Christmas we would end the day with some deliciously cooked prime rib, potatoes, and salad. Christmas is always such a fun time, and even though it changed a little bit each year, I love the traditions that we have been able to have and continue. Since Fuzz and I have been married and have had two Christmases together, it has been a little different. But, it is also really exciting that we can be able to experience both sides traditions, as well as carry on our own traditions.

Obviously, holidays are really easy to carry on traditions. So, naturally we have some fun traditions for each holiday. For Thanksgiving we would gather with family, each delicious food, talk about how grateful and blessed we are, and spend the evening playing games. Then, the day after Thanksgiving in Vernal is Hollydays and we normally spend that day venturing around the community and celebrating Thanksgiving and welcoming in the Christmas spirit. For Easter we would wake up to Easter baskets, and like Christmas, as we got older my parents started hiding the baskets and the eggs and we would have our own little Easter eggs hunt at our house. Another tradition that came with Easter was going up to Chew’s Ranch (my grandpa’s friends ranch) and seeing all the cute baby animals, hitting some golf balls, riding the four wheelers, roasting some hot dogs, and just hanging out on the mountain with family. For New Years Eve, we used to have a big family party and have everybody over. But, as everybody has kind of grown up and is in different stages of life, now its just my family. But, we still have some delicious fondu and play some board games. Its so fun! I love New Years Eve.

A fun tradition that doesn’t involve a holiday is Sunday Dinner. Every Sunday (almost) since the day I was born we would get together with my extended family and have a big dinner. I think it’s a pretty common tradition for people to have, but it really is one that is so close to my heart. I love when all of my family is together, just hanging out, eating delicious food, reminiscing on the good times, and enjoying the present. It’s one of those things that just makes getting through the week that much easier and that much better.

My family has lots of little and lots of big fun traditions. It’s been fun to carry on those traditions, create new traditions, and spend time together. Now that I am married it has been fun to be able to enjoy both sides of traditions. One of my favorite traditions that Fuzz’s family has is going to Lake Powell over the fourth of July. The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays (basically they are all my favorite because everybody gets together, but I really love the fourth of July) so I wasn’t that excited that I was going to have to spend it in Lake Powell. Mostly because everybody talks about it being the greatest place and at first I didn’t really think it was. But, now that I have been at Lake Powell over the fourth of July three times now, man… it is really such a great place! It’s so fun to be with good people, chilling in the warmth, boating and swimming, eating good food, and just relaxing. I love that I have been able to be welcomed in to the King’s traditions and I know that Fuzz feels the same way about my family traditions.

Traditions are so fun. We are so blessed to have such great families that have so many great traditions that we get to be apart of. I cannot wait for the day that we get to have kids and make our own traditions, as well as welcome them into the Smuin and King family traditions.



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