Friday Night in Ogden

This past Friday some of my family was in Ogden so we made a quick trip down to hang out with them for the night. 🙂 My cousin had hockey games on Saturday, which we unfortunately couldn’t go to. But, Friday night we went down and went to dinner and then watched the kiddos swim at the hotel while we chatted with my grandparents.

We haven’t seen my grandparents since December 28, so we missed them so much. It was so nice to catch up with them and to have a night to visit with them and relax. My grandpa finally upgraded from a flip phone to an iPhone and got himself an Instagram and all that good stuff. 😋 He hates technology and that we are on our phones so much, but he’s funny because he does the exact same thing. So, all night he sat there on his phone and messed with things and asked us questions about stuff. Haha he’s funny! Anyway, yes. It was a really good night. It was good to see my family and spend a night relaxing.



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