Zumba Zumba Zumba

In January I decided to make a random decision and become certified to teach Zumba, and it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love fitness and I love the fitness industry. After working at an elementary school, doing billing & receptioning, going to school in the beauty industry, and all the ins and outs of trying to decide what one thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life… I truly did not know what I wanted to do every day for the rest of ever. I loved working with kids and I absolutely adored my job at the elementary school so I thought maybe I could be a good teacher. But, it just didn’t really work with the goals that I have for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed billing, but sometimes it made me fall asleep sitting in my chair at work. Haha I needed something that would allow me to move around more. After being in beauty school for over a year, and now only a month left, I can definitely say that I love it and I’m excited that I have this skill. I can’t wait to find a job so I can work in the industry and make people feel pretty. But, I still felt like I needed something more. I decided passion was what I needed in my life and I knew I was very passionate about sports and the fitness industry. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and become a Certified Personal Trainer. I am almost done with that and have really enjoyed learning more about fitness and working out. Even more, I decided I wanted more cardio in my life. 😋 I LOVE cardio. Haha so, I thought about Zumba. I was ready to sign up for the class and then backed out because I couldn’t dance. I second guessed myself and chicken out. But, thanks to my super awesome, supportive husbad, he talked me into it and told me to just try it. So, I signed up for the Zumba Basic Training certification class and the moment the class started I knew it was going to be such a good decision. 

The certification was a full day class and I left feeling so pumped and so ready to start my Zumba instructing journey. I started contacting places right away looking for an opportunity to teach or sub. Well, my excitement and persistance found me a job at the Aggie Rec Center on campus. They were looking for a substitute instructor and I took it. I had been certified for maybe 2 weeks and was busy preparing for my Cosmetology State Boards test, so I didn’t really think about how hard it would be to try and set up my class routine in like a day. Ha! So, I got hired and I starting subbing instantly. I memorized my songs in like 2 days, which I would definitely not recommend. It was sooo hard and made my first couple of classes so nerve racking because I was newly instructing and didn’t really know my songs. But, it worked out and now I sub almost 2 classes every week and was just told that I actually have been teaching more classes than both original instructors. I was a little too excited to hear that. 💁🏽 

Anyway, there’s a recent update on my working life. It’s been such a fun, stressful, exciting Zumba journey so far. The best part about it is that I absolutely am so passionate about teaching and I enjoy it every single time I go. I’m hoping that in the fall I will be able to teach my own classes at the ARC. It’s stressful to wait and see what happens, but I am stoked for my future instructing Zumba classes. 💃🏼


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