Week #8

I don’t know how I get so far behind on these dang things. 😂 whoops.

Week #8 question of the week..

What are you grandparents like? Describe them and your relationship with them.

I think, like the rest of my family lol, I have the greatest grandparents. I know I am always so biased, but I just am so grateful for the relationships that I have with my family members. 

My dad’s parents are both from Vernal. Their names are Dan and Gayle Smuin. They are truly some of the greatest people that I know. They both are very hard working, honest, loyal, humble, faithful people. My grandpa worked as a plumber and owned JDS Plumbing with my dad until he just recently retired. He can never sit still; he always is working on yard work, starting a new project, fixing something, driving a tractor around with his shirt off, or helping his grandkids with sports. He loves to be involved and would never dream of missing something that his family is involved in. When he retired, we all knew that he would never actually retire from his busy body. He still continues to stay busy some how with some different project or following his grandkids around to different sporting events. It has been good to watch him relax more and be able to spend time with my grandma, just the two of them vacationing and enjoying the warm St. George winters. Just like he loves to stay busy, he also loves to talk to anybody and everybody. No matter where we are or what the situation is, he is always talking to old friends or making new ones. He is one of the most friendly guys you will ever meet. My grandma is the cutest grandma ever. She worked with Uintah County School District for a long time and also just recently retired. She, just like my grandpa, is hard working, always working on her yard or making sure her house is clean, loves spending time with her kids and grandkids, trying new recipes, and watching sports with the family. She is more of a reserved person and doesn’t necessarily love to be as social as my grandpa. Haha they balance each other out. She loves to be with her people, and is content with being with her people and that’s it. My grandma is one of the best advice givers. Whenever I need a little vent session she is always willing to listen and give honest advice. She is a very straight forward person, in such a sweet way. I have had some of the greatest conversations with her and would honestly consider her one of my greatest supporters and friends. My grandparents are such great examples of marriage. I look up to them both so much. They have been married over 40 years and still have such a great relationship. They work well together, they trust each other, they spend time together, they make each other a priority, and they love their family. Family is one of their top priorities and I love that they have created such a great family that has been such a blessing to my life. Neither of them go to any sort of church, but they are some of the most inspiring people when it comes to faith. They are faithful readers of the Bible; every morning they wake up, drink their coffee, and read the Bible for an hour. They are very knowledgeable about the scriptures and about Jesus Christ. Besides that, they are very selfless and always serving others. They are very forgiving, some of the least judgemental people, and know the importance of family and love. The examples that they have set are some that will always inspire me. I have the greatest memories of staying the night at their house on the weekends with the cousins, sleeping on their floor, eating chips and apples, going camping and fishing, Sunday Dinners, vacations, sleeping outside, playing sports, and so much more. I am so so so grateful for the relationship I have with them. 

My mom’s parents are named Bruce and Connie Cook. They have lived all over the place: New York, Arkansas, Utah, and more. They lived in Vernal for many years and just recently moved to Lehi to be in a more convenient place for their kids to visit. Let it be known, Vernal is the greatest place, but it definitely isn’t the most convenient place to travel to. My grandparents have 8 kids who live in all different places; one is California, one in Las Vegas, one is Logan, two in Vernal, and three in the Provo area. Moving was quite the process, but they eventually made it out to Provo and have been settling in their new home and enjoying their new adventure of being retired. My grandpa worked at a bank for a long time and then owned his own financial planning business with one of my uncles in Vernal. My grandma was a stay at home mom for many years and then worked for the Love and Logic program and was very passionate about what she did. My grandpa is very smart, logical, hard working, a great listener, and very faithful. He so such a good example of serving the church, serving others, and being faithful. My grandma is also very passionate about her callings in the church, works very hard to fulfill them, and is always trying to be better and more knowledgeable about the gospel. They love to play games and plan fun family gatherings. With so many people in the family and so many different schedules, it gets hard for everybody to all get together, but my grandparents put together a family reunion every 2 years and we all get together, play games, eat good food, camp, catch up on life, and more. It is such a fun family tradition!! 🙂 My grandparents have taugh me how to love to Lord, love church, and be passionate about the gospel. I’m very grateful for the memories I have with them and for the fun traditions they have passed onto us. Even though we don’t see them as much as we would like, we are grateful for the relationship we have with them and can’t wait for the memories that will come. I am so grateful for the family they have created and for how that family has influenced my life. They are such great people. 🙂 

So, basically to sum that all up, I have some of the greatest grandparents and I am so grateful for the relationship that I have with every one of them. 💚



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