Cook’s & Taco’s

My Grandma & Grandpa Cook and my Aunt Amy & her boys came up to Logan for the weekend to go skiing. I had school (but, mostly I just don’t ski) so we didn’t go skiing with them on Saturday. But, Saturday night we went over to Stefani’s house and hung out with everybody. We had some delicious tacos. (Literally, our life revolves around food. 😛 LOL. JK) We learned how to make this awesome thing called a ‘double decker taco’. I have never heard of them before, but they were pretty dang good. Basically all it is is a soft shell tortilla with beans, then a hard shell inside of the soft shell, and then you put all your meat, lettuce, tomatoes, guac, and what not inside the hard shell. It was actually pretty dang good! So, shout out to the Cook’s for teaching us some fun ways to make tacos.

We don’t see my Gma and Gpa Cook as much as I wish we did, nor do we see my mom’s siblings very often. So, it was really fun to be able to go over and spend the night with them chatting and catching up on life. We spent a couple hours with them and it was so fun to reminisce and to visit. I am the oldest grandkid on the Cook side, so for the most part, I was old enough to watch all of my younger cousins be born and grow up. It baffles me how big and old they all are! Holy cow, time flies. They are no longer a bunch of little kids, they are teenagers and preteens. They are all turning into pretty dang good people. It’s fun to watch them grow up.

One (out of many) things that I am so extremely grateful for each day, are the relationships that I have with my family and my extended family. Even though we don’t see each other as much as we did when I was younger, it’s still comforting to know that if I ever needed anything, they would all be there for me. It’s like being on a gigantic team, everybody’s got your back and is looking out for ya. And I would do the same for all of them. Always remember that there are few things in life more important than families and relationships.



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