Baseball Season

Baseball season is getting into its prime. We went to Farmington tHe beginning of March and then I haven’t been able to watch Dallen for a couple of weeks. So, finally we were able to go to another game, and it was the first game of region. It was a good game to be at. Unfortunately varsity lost… dang. But, Dallen played good in JV and they won! 🙂 Basically that’s all we care about is Dallen. Haha jk. Not only has it been since the beginning of March since we have watched baseball, but I haven’t seen my family since then either (sad). It was so nice to see my parents and be able to sit and watch baseball and just chat. Watching a baseball game in nice weather with my family, just relaxing and enjoying where we are at is pretty close to heaven for me. Haha that’s dramatic. But, seriously. It’s like so comforting and I love it so much. It’s definitely one of my happy places. 🙂



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