Sunday Dinner #29

Sunday Dinner this week was a little bit on the… umm.. not exactly sure what the right word would be to describe it. It was good. Our little Sunday Dinner tradition has come to a little bit of an awkward situation. This week the food was really good. We had some delicious boneless ribs, cheesy potatoes, salads, and rolls. There weren’t very many people this week, so it was a little more relaxed and casual. So, that was nice.

So.. a little on the detes of the awkward Sunday Dinner situation. Because the majority of the group is from Vernal, everybody knows everybody and everybody is basically friends with each person in different ways. If that makes sense. So, a couple of the people had a more romantic friendship, while Fuzz and I just had friendships with everybody. Well, the little romantic friendships came to a hault and then instead of everybody handling it in the…. umm.. maybe best way, they made it a little more awkward. But, that’s just fine! As long as everybody still comes and enjoys their time and we get to see everybody I don’t really care what goes on. Haha

Yeah. So, Sunday Dinner this week was good, and here’s to many more. 😛



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