You are somebody.

In this world that we live in where you HAVE to be somebody or something, it’s really easy to go through life and sometimes think ‘man, I could have been this.’ or ‘I once was that’ or even ‘I wish I was this’. Sometimes, I think, we get so caught up in being accepted by the world and being ‘known by the world’, that we forget how much we truly do mean to the world- not the worldly world, but the people that make up our own little world.

This past Sunday in our lesson the teacher asked a very powerful question that hit me hard. It was something I really needed to hear and something that I have been struggling with lately. He said this..

‘I’m going to ask 8 questions that I want you to answer in your mind.

  1. Name three people that have won a Nobel Prize.
  2. Name the first person to ever go on a mission.
  3. Who won the world series in 2016? (of course I got this one. :P)
  4. Name three people that won a Grammy award in 2014.
  5. Name somebody who has inspired you.
  6. Name somebody who has helped you through a hard time.
  7. Name the best teacher you ever had.
  8. Name somebody you want to be like.’

When he first started asking those questions I was anxious to hear them all because I’m competitive and wanted to be able to answer all of the questions right. However, I’m a little bit out of the loop is the famous people world so I had no idea off the top of my head who has ever won a Nobel Prize (or even what a Nobel Prize was. lol. jk… kinda) or a Grammy. Of course I knew the Cubs won the World Series last year. But, I love baseball.. so naturally. Anyway. Those questions were just fun and silly. What really hit me though, was when he asked the last 4 questions, and every single one of them I could answer without hesitation and without having to ponder. I knew right off the bat, and could name many people who have inspired me, or helped me, or people who I want to be like.

That’s when tears came to my eyes and I had to look away to pretend like that didn’t just hit my heart right where it needed to.

Lately, the closer I get to graduating school I keep asking myself ‘who do I really want to be for the rest of my life?’. Do I want to be ‘Drew the hair stylist’, or ‘Drew the fitness instructor’, or ‘Drew the wife’, or ‘Drew the daughter & sister’, or eventually even ‘Drew the mom.’? What do I want to define me for the rest of my life? And sometimes it can be such an overwhelming thought, because I want to be all of those things and many more. Which is something that can be achievable, but then the pressure from the world starts weighing down on me. I can’t be a hair stylist because I’m not as good as some other stylist and I don’t want to live the rest of my life in a salon. I can’t be a fitness instructor because I don’t have the best body. I can’t just be a wife & a mom & a daughter because is that really even acceptable to just be a stay at home mom in the world now days? It gets so overwhelming sometimes trying to be somebody that is good enough for the world.

After those 8 questions though, my perspective changed. I went from thinking that I needed to be the best hairdress, the hottest fitness instructor, the trophy wife of Instagram, to just wanting to be the best friend to those who I love, the person who cares with everything they have to offer, and the person that people can count on. It’s great to want and strive to be those things of the world, because so many people are those things and make such a great impact on others. So, by no means am I saying that it’s wrong. I still am striving to be the best hairdresser, the best fitness instructor, and the best wife. But, what makes the difference are the intentions behind the goals. Before I was feeling like I needed to be those things to put a show on; to make sure that people thought I had it all together. When really I should have just wanted to be those things to serve others. Now, that my heart has had a little bit of a readjustment I have been able to feel confidence in the goals that I am working towards, without feeling overwhelmed to be perfect.

Wanting to be somebody great in the world is an incredible goal, but I think the way that people become somebody great is to first be great to the people in their world. Love and serve those around you. Strive to become more Christlike. It’s easy to get caught up in yourself and your wants/needs (which are very important), but the better you are to the world, the better it will be to you. Just always remember that you are somebody. You are important to the world. Never ever stop trying to leave your mark on the world, it doesn’t have to be big and grand like a Nobel Prize or a Grammy and it doesn’t have to be small. But, whatever it is, be passionate about it and strive each day to accomplish it and be better. And, most importantly, always remember that you are somebody.



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