Beauty School Graduate

I graduated cosmetology school on April 11, 2017 and it was honestly one of the best days of my entire life. Not only because I couldn’t wait to get out of school, but also because I can now venture out and truly become successful. Now, the real work begins. Trying to find a job, trying to decide what route you want to go and what you want to specialize in, or if you even want to specialize. So, hopefully, I’ll be able to figure all of that out. 🙂 Luckily, I have my first job lined up for this summer (thanks to my awesome mother-in-law). I am working at a salon in Vernal called New Look. I am stoked because I get to work with some awesome people, work the days that I want, and most of all.. be in Vernal!

So, in beauty school, well at least my school, doesn’t really do a graduation ceremony. All they day is have you stand up at the front of the school and ask you a couple of questions. It is extremely awkward and I was definitely not going to do it, however my mom & dad wanted to come out and support me so I ended up doing a graduation ‘ceremony’. My parents came out and stayed with us and came and supported me at my graduation. It was extremely awkward. But, it was so awesome to have my parents and Fuzz there to support me. It made me feel so good to know that I had stuck with it all and accomplished a goal. It made me feel even better to know that I have so many great people who are there to support me.

Now… here’s to the future. Everybody pray I will be successful. 😛



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