This past year in Logan we were so blessed to be able to get to know such a great person. She is one of the funniest, most loving, entertaining, spontaneous people ever. Payton Reynolds was one of Lauren’s roommates this past year at Utah State. We have known Payton for basically our whole lives. She’s from Vernal. Her older sister, Laci, and I were really good friends in high school and we worked for her mom for quite a few years. But, man, getting to know Payton more this year was a memory and time that I never want to forget. 

We spent many late nights sitting at their apartment or in our living room laughing at the stupidest things. We went on hikes, and went on dates, and ate way too much McDonald’s, and laughed way too hard the dumbest things. But, holy cow, some of the best memories were made with Fuzz, Lauren, Payton, and I. It was such a blast. Getting to know Payton more made me love her so much more as a person, rather than just being a family friend that I knew. 

One of the best parts of the year though, was watching Payton grow and come to the decision to serve a mission. She was never immature, but like all freshman in college.. once you get on your own you have to kind of figure out who you want to be. Watching Payton figure out who she wanted to be and what she wanted to stand for was incredible. She learned many new things experienced some hard ships, and was strong through it all. She was/is always such a great example to Fuzz and I. She always had a great balance of serious and humor. When we laughed… man, we laughed so freaking hard. But, we also had some of the greatest heart to hearts. 

My love for Payton and her friendship grew so much over the past year and I am truly grateful for the experiences we were able to have with her. Fuzz and I cannot wait to watch Payton become such an incredible missionary, and to see what crazy adventure comes her way in the future. 

Tomorrow I am lucky enough to be able to go through the temple with Payton her first time. I cannot wait for this special experience. We are definitely living up the last couple days we have with Payton! 💙



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