Sunday Dinner #32

The last Sunday Dinner in Logan before summer break was pretty casual. Our Sunday Dinner tradition in Logan got to an all time high about the middle of the spring semester and then plummeted down rapidly towards the end. The last Sunday Dinner we went out with a bang though. We had some delicious baked potatoes & I ate the most delicious sweet potato, steaks, and asparagus & zucchini. It was delicious, I’m telling ya. So, all those peeps that thought they were too good for Sunday Dinner were really missing out. 😜 lol. Jk, kinda. 

I guess the great news is that now we won’t have to stress about all our friends on Sunday’s, we will just be able to spend it with our families in Vernal. Which is very exciting!! Next Sunday Dinner will be back in Vernal. Wahoo! 🤗 Then, once we get back to Logan in the fall we will take a nice evaluation of the peeps there and decide who we want to invite. Which could be extremely stressful/frustrating/worth it, but we’ll deal with that when the time comes. For now, we will be enjoying every Sunday Dinner with our people in Vernal. ❤️



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