Sunday Dinner #33

You guys. The time has finally come that we get to be back in Vernal for a couple months and get to enjoy a Sunday Dinner with the family and not have to stress about going back to Logan right after. O.M.G. It’s so exciting! 😺 

Our first Sunday Dinner back in Vernal we had with my family. We went to church at my families ward and then spent the day napping. Haha literally, we all took like 3 hours naps which was incredible. Then, we helped my parents get more settled into their new addition on their house until dinner. It was a beautiful Sunday to welcome the beginning of many perfect Sunday Dinner’s to come this summer. We ate some delicious roast and potatoes and chatted the night away. Just the chaos of everybody in my grandmas kitchen is enough to make my heart want to explode with so much love. It truly is my favorite thing. Everybody scrambling around each other, catching up on the weeks events, eating some delicious food, laughing at memories, and just being together. 

Of course the night got a little heated up when the back yard wiffle ball game began and everybody’s competitiveness came out in full heat. But, what a wiffle ball game without somebody getting butt hurt they lost?! Right? Haha that is what totally makes the game worth it. And, let’s just say, my team didn’t lose. 😏 

To end the perfect first Sunday back in Vernal my mom and I went on a nice, very fast paced, evening stroll and chatted about the upcoming summer and how great it was going to be. Just catching up, and being able to live in the same world again is such a relief. Of course we can still communicate with our parents when we are in Logan, but to feel like we are living the same life as them is a very comforting feeling. So, here’s to many more wonderful Sunday Dinner’s like this one. I can’t wait for the rest of the summer. πŸ’•



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