Memory Lane in Mesquite

I have a Zumba class in Vegas this weekend (Memorial Day weekend) so we are venturing our way down to Vegas. But, in the mean while, Tim and Melinda came with us so we could all stop and see Tim’s parents in Mesquite. Thank goodness for my Zumba class because it was such a good excuse to make a weekend out of it and see family! 

We just got to Mesquite today (Friday) and got to enjoy dinner with grandma and grandpa King, Tim’s sister (Kris) and her family, and the four of us. It was a fun little dinner and we ate some delicious prime rib. 😋 After dinner, the four of us went over to Nana & Poppy King’s house and enjoyed the night visiting and being with them. 

We reminisced over Boston and the Red Sox because of course there was a Red Sox game on tv. 😏 We caught up on everybodies life and enjoyed learning new things about what was going on in life. But, the most special part of this whole night was being able to look at a little scrap book that Nana had put together about her life. It was such an awesome experience to listen to some of her stories, stories that I have never heard before, and learn more about who she is and why. I learned about places she had lived, her modeling career in New York, her singing and performing career, and then listened to her share sweet stories about her love for her husband and her kids. It was such a simple night, but most of the time those nights turn into the best nights. Tonight was definitely one of those nights. I love listening to stories and learning new things about people. The amount of love you can grow and develop for someone in such a short time by just learning about them is pretty crazy. And, I’ll tell you what, family history work and journaling and memories have got to be some of the greatest things we can do in our lives. I cannot wait to read the little autobiography Jan has written about her life. 

It gives me a little hope that some day my little journal blog posts will some day maybe touch some bodies heart like so many of my grandparents and great grandparents’ stories have touched mine. 💙


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