Maic Face

So, because I’m so behind on writing about life… I am going to have to work backwards so I can remember everything. Haha this little experience is something that I am extremely grateful for and know that it was a blessing for me to see Maicee in this new light. 

I have to make a quick, one and a half day trip to Logan about every two or three weeks to work on my clients that I have there. So, because I have awesome sisters they have each taken a turn coming with me and enduring the long boring day just sitting there so I don’t have to drive alone. This past trip was Maicee’s turn to go with me. First of all, I just have to say that I asked her and right off the bat she said yes and was so excited to go. So, of course that makes me excited to spend time with her. 

So, Monday morning we left at 5 am. Like so freaking early. We get driving and I tell Maicee she can sleep because I know she’s tired. She tries to go to sleep for like 10 minutes and sat up and told me she wasn’t tired. So, our conversation started lightly with some small talk, ya know, this and that, nothing super important. But, then as the long 4 hour drive continued, we began to talk about some more important things. Not necessarily important, but just more personal, more deep. She began to tell me about her latest dramas and how things in her life were making her feel. As she told me some of the things that she was going through and how awful young kids are now days I gained so much respect for how she handles friends and conflicts. It also made my stomach hurt at how mean these young girls are to each other. She told me about how all of her friends, even sometimes including herself, make very mean jokes to each other about their physical appearances and I seriously wanted to cry for these girls. They say things like ‘your belly looks like a pear’ or ‘you are fat because you wear a size 7’ or ‘you are too skinny, I hate you’ or ‘you look like a jelly filled donut’.. like I cannot even tell you how sad it made me. So, trying not to be to mothery and more like an older sister I tried to explain to her that things like that are more hurtful than anybody realizes and that she needs to try and build her friends up instead of tear them down and that she needs to be a good example to them. I wanted to be a good example and let her know that was not okay, but also I didn’t want to sound like I was trying to mother her. Anyway. We continued on and she told me all about how she wanted to either become an OBGYN or a doctor that takes blood. She told me about all her goals in life; about how she wanted to marry a Polynesian (haha she’s the cutest), about where she wanted to go to college, how she wanted to get married and have a family, and just all the ins and outs of her life and what she wants to accomplish. Listening to her and watching her glow was so fun. I learned so much about her and enjoyed every second I got to spend with her. I am so grateful that I got to spend this time with her. It definitely made our relationship grow a ton in such a short amount of time. She truly is an incredible young person dealing with some of the most crazy things in such a cruel world, but her strength is inspiring. I know for a fact she is going to be just as successful as she plans to be and I cannot wait to watch her accomplish it all. 💗


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