Sunday Dinner #34

Wow. I am way behind on life updates. 😅 Sometimes I do really good, but most of the time not. Haha So.. Sunday Dinner on May 14 was spend in Boston and traveling home from Boston. Also, this special day was Mother’s Day. So, it was really fun to be able to spend Sunday and Mother’s Day with my sweet mother-in-law. I do wish I would have been able to see my mom on Mother’s Day, too. But, I didn’t really think that through when we planned our trip. So, what do ya do? Ya know. 

We ate at a delicious little restaurant in the Boston airport. I actually even still remember what I had. I had a turkey avocado sandwich with some sweet potato fries. And it was actually quite tasty. I do not remember what everybody else had though. Haha 

So, this Sunday Dinner was quite boring as we spent it flying. But, it was worth it because Boston is the greatest place ever. (So many more Boston posts coming soon. I just need to get caught up.) 



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