Sunday Dinner #35

This Sunday Dinner was a little hectic. I had to leave to go to Logan Sunday night so I could do lashes the next day. So, we had to eat a little earlier than we normally would. But, it all worked out and we had a delicious meal with my family.  It was pretty small though. My grandparents were in St. George for the weekend and Angie and her family had plans, so we just ate with a small group and ate some delicious chicken and fish. 😋 After Dinner Lauren and I packed up and headed to Logan that night. 

I can’t even express how freaking awesome it is to be home with family. It is so fun. It’s so happy. It’s so refreshing. And I love just being able to do life with them, then at the end of the week sit down and be able to chat about the weeks adventures. That’s what Sunday Dinner is all about peeps. That right there is exactly why I love it so much. 💕



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