Sitting in Logan in the dead of winter (especially while I was in school) I got so antsy to get out and do something or plan something. So, because I couldn’t do anything at that exact time, I instead started to plan a fun get away trip for Fuzz and I. I love love love to travel. Fuzz gets stressed traveling, but loves it when we get there. Haha so, as I was planning this trip I was actually planning about 5 different trips which I would then present to Fuzz to try and pursuade him to take me on one. 😋 In the process of planning a trip I looked at New York, North Carolina, Georgia, and Boston.  Obviously Boston won. It was definitely not a hard choice. We really wanted/want to go to all those other places I had planned, but Boston was definitely on the top of Fuzz’s list and I absolutely love Boston so it made for an easy decision for us. We booked flights and hotels and got everything settled. Then, as we were sharing our excitement with Fuzz’s parents, they asked if they could tag along. So, they booked their flights and hotels as well and we were all ready for one of the best trips!! 

It came quick and thank goodness for that. We were so excited!! Unfortunate, because we tried to get cheap flights, the flights weren’t super convenient. Haha so, as we drove out to salt lake and prepared ourselves for the red eye flight we were all so positive, but on the inside we all knew that it was going to suck. Haha and it definitely did suck. Our flight took off at about midnight and we slept the best we could so we would be ready for the long day ahead of us. After we landed we got an Uber that took us to our hotel. Because we got there so early (like 5 a.m.) we were planning on just asking the front desk guy if we could keep our luggage there while we walked around until it was time to check in. But, thank goodness for sweet people (and a helpful tip of cash) the front desk guy let us check in at 5 a.m. It was seriously so lucky, and it was so nice to be able to relax for a sec before we set out on our adventures. 

Haha gosh. The first day was definitely a rough day. The whole trip was supposed to be freezing cold and rainy, but I don’t think we were fully mentally prepared for that. Also, because of my excitement and my fear of missing out on anything and everything, I made us start walking the freedom trail right at 6 a.m. after we had gotten everything into our hotel room. So, yay! I was so excited to start walking. But, my excitement didn’t let me think things through and realize that nothing was going to be open at 6 in the morning. 🤦🏽‍♀️ As we were walking the freedom trail I began to get disappointed because we couldn’t do any of the things I remember doing. I was so confused. We had been walking and venturing for about 2 hours before I realized that nothing was freaking open at the butt crack of dawn. Haha sooo… yeah. Bad call on my part. Because we had already walked half the freedom trail without being able to fully experience it, and because we were so exhausted, we trekked back to our hotel so we could take a nap. And man, was it worth it. We slept for about 3 1/2 hours and then we were ready to get back out there again.

We finished walking the other half of the freedom trail and we got so lucky because the rain kept holding out for us. It was supposed to be so stormy the whole weekend, and so far we were lucking out. The sun was shining, it definitely wasn’t warm, but at least the sun was shining. We walked to Bunker Hill, ventured around the U.S.S. Constitution, and then walked down through Little Italy. And like I have said before, Little Italy is seriously one of my most favorite places. After walking sooo many steps we got to take a break and go on the awesome Ghosts & Graveyards Tour of Boston. This tour is seriously awesome and so fun!! The tour takes you around the many cemeteries buried in the heart of Boston. You learn some of the most random, interesting facts and grow to love Boston for all of its incredible history. 

After the Ghost Tour we made our way back to Little Italy where we then ate at Regina’s Pizza. So delicious, so awesome, and so deep in culture. You get thrown right into the culture of Boston in Little Italy. Little Italy is the oldest neighbor in Boston so it’s legit. Ahh. I love it!! Dinner was absolutely delicious, then we made our way back to the hotel where we slept soooooo good because we were exhausted. 30,000 steps total on our first day, and each step was so adventurous and fun! 



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