Sunday Dinner #38

This Sunday was quite a special one. Payton Reynolds gave her farewell talk and we had to say goodbye to her for the next 18 months. Her spoke so sweetly and my testimony grew from her sweet experiences that she shared. Saying bye to her was bittersweet. I am definitely going to miss her up at Utah State this year, but I know she is going to be the best sister missionary.

Sunday Dinner was delicious and small. I feel like Sunday Dinner’s have been really small a lot lately. Everybody is so busy, always going one way or another. My grandparents were on the mountain camping, so it was just my family and Angie’s family. We had some delicious steaks, salmon, salad, and vegetables. 😋 It was a good day! I am making a video of the whole big family to give to my grandpa for Father’s Day. So, I got a lot of that done, which was way nice!!

Like I always say, I am so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. ❤




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