Sunday Dinner #40

I’m doing Sunday Dinner #40 before #39 because I completely forgot about it and I want to do #40 while it’s still fresh in my mind. πŸ˜‹ 

This Sunday was just a typical Sunday. We went to one of Lauren’s friends mission homecoming talks. Its a good time to be in Vernal because all the missionaries are coming home so we get to go listen to lots of different talks and experiences each week. So, that’s always fun! 

Then, Fuzz and I spent the Sunday cleaning up and organizing after a long week. Fuzz did some home work. I did some laundry (maybe that’s not the best thing to admit to doing on a Sunday? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ). Fuzz took a nap. I did some catching up on pictures and memories and all that what not stuff that is so not important, but also the most important. 😜 

After a nice relaxing day, we ate dinner with Tim and Melinda. And let me just say that I don’t talk enough about how great of in-laws I have. I am so lucky to have the relationship with them that I do. I love to sit and chat with them. And I really, really enjoy sitting down to dinner, just the four of us and talking. We all get along so well and conversations flow so easily. We can talk about sports, politics, the Red Sox, life, zumba, work, family, and so much more and it’s just so fun. It’s always a good time and eating dinner with them is something that I have grown to hold very close to my heart. So, this Sunday we spent eating dinner with them and just chatted. We had some delicious baked potatoes and flank steak. πŸ˜‹

After dinner at Tim and Melinda’s, of course we made our way over to my families house and snacked on a few things at their dinner. They had some delicious chicken noodles over potatoes, salad, and root beer floats. We spent the evening just like every other Sunday Dinner at their house; just BS-ing, hanging out, playing a little back yard baseball, and enjoying being out in the cool summer evening. I am convinced one of the closest things on this earth to heaven is my grandparents back yard on a warm summer evening with all of our family together. It’s truly perfection. 

This Sunday after dinner we did something a little different, but not super different. We were able to be at my families little family home evening for the first time in a really long time. It was so fun to be able to watch a powerful church video on and then hear my family share their little testimonies and thoughts. I love being able to experience those kind of thins with them. I also love that I married somebody who is so open and willing to share his testimony. 

All in all, this Sunday, like every other Sunday was absolute perfection. 



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