Sunday Dinner #42

This week for Sunday Dinner we tried lots of new things. 😋 Another great thing that happened today was that we all took some dang good naps!!!! 😴 Also, another great thing that happened was that we were able to go to one of our high school friends homecoming talk and listen to him share experiences and stories about his mission adventures. 

Homecoming talks are my favorite! I love going and listening to how much they have grown, learned, and loved the people and our Savior. Today was an exceptionally good talk because he was aloud to talk the entire meeting. It was fun to listen to his stories. He is a really great guy!!

Man, I have been exhausted lately! That’s for sure. So, today was nice to just be able to relax and take a good nap. 😴

At dinner tonight we had some delicious pork that my grandpa grilled. My mom made a delicious vegetable mix and some nummy ranch potatoes. And man, it was a dang good meal!!! I was stuffed. 😋



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