Dallen’s Crazy Night

I am a constant worrier. I worry about big things and little things and just about everything in between. My mind just wanders and sometimes doesn't wander into such good places. I've been trying to retrain myself to think positive things, but being away from my family and not seeing them every day, plus the constant evil in the world, just really gets to me sometimes. So… here's this story.

Every year before leaving for Lake Powell I start to stress about not being able to have service to talk to my family every day. But, this year I had this very weird worry that something scary was going to happen. I couldn't quite figure out whether it was a real prompting or whether I was just being overly worried because of the circumstances. I didn't push it away, but I also didn't really do anything about it. Once we got down to Lake Powell I started stressing about my dad getting in a car accident. It was really weird and really random, but the week went by and everything was fine. We went out to get service twice while we were at Lake Powell and both times everything was great with my family. Everybody was safe and well. We got home from Lake Powell and still nothing had happened, but I still had these weird worries that somebody was going to get in a car accident. I tried to stop worrying and let it go.

One day I left work a little early to go hang out with my mom. It was just my mom and I and my grandparents sitting outside; we were just hanging out and enjoying the evening. We were chatting when my grandpa got a phone call from Dallen. He gets off the phone and tells us that the tire on the trailer Dallen was pulling must have gone flat and Dallen needed help changing it. So, my grandpa drives up there. My grandma goes inside and my mom and I go inside. Making dinner and chatting away, my mom and I were just hanging out when my grandma comes in a little freaked out and tells us that 'Dallen must have gotten in a car accident because Grandpa just called and said that it was worse than he was thinking.' So, of course we all get a little freaked out. We hurry and jumped in the car and right as we were about to pull out of the drive way my dad pulled in.

My dad and Dallen had been working together, but he let Dallen leave a little early to come home. Dallen went one way home and my dad went the other. So as my dad was driving home he didn't see Dallen. Of course he started feeling a little guilty for going the way he did and was also very nervous. So, we drive up to where Dallen and my grandpa are with knots in our stomach the whole time because we don't even know what to expect.

We pull up to one of the biggest blessings. Dallen was pulling a trailer with a tire that had popped. The tire popping caused the trailer to go crazy, which then pulled Dallen's truck off the road. While being pulled off the road, Dallen tries to correct and straighten out, but because of the crazy tire it goes completely haywire, flipping Dallen and the whole truck AND trailer all the way in a 180. After he finally stopped, Dallen was completely turned around going the opposite way and the truck was OFF the road. I cannot even explain how crazy it was. The feeling we got when we pulled up was so overwhelming. Dallen was obviously so freaked out, but also so scared of what my dad was going to say. My dad walks up to him and just gives him a big hug and Dallen just lost it. Tears came and he just melted because he was so shaken up. The poor thing was so freaked out about the situation.

There were so many different factors that could have made the whole thing go extremely worse, but Heavenly Father was watching over Dallen. These scary situations always freak you out to the max! But, they also are such testimony builders because it just completely proves to you that there is a greater power watching over us. And how lucky are we to know what that greater power is. Heavenly Father loves his children and wants to protect them. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and the promptings and comfort that we feel because of Him. We definitely were sending thanks up to the heavens on this night. We are so grateful for Dallen's safety and are so grateful for the power of our Heavenly Father.



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