First Announcement 

We found out on July 5 that I was pregnant as our whole world went into shock, excitement, nervousness, and so much joy. It was something that we were sort of planning, but we didn't expect (at least I didn't) that it would happen so fast. But, we were so excited and couldn't even handle keeping it a secret. 

We didn't want to tell everybody because we wanted to make sure first, but at the same time we wanted to tell everybody because we were so excited! So, we decided we would tell both of our parents. And, though I'm not going to share this post until we have told everybody. I wanted to write down the memories of that night while they are still fresh in my mind. 

We made our way over to my parents house to have dinner with my family. We weren't sure how we were going to tell them or when because we didn't know who would be there. But, we walked in to find out that Lauren and Maicee were at work and Dallen was hanging out with friends. So, the perfect opportunity to tell them was right there for us. We small talked a little and then Fuzz just went for it. He told them with no problem and with so much excitement! Then, we spent the next 2 hours eating dinner and talking about all the different excitements and things that were going to happen. It was such a great time! They were both so excited!!

After sharing the news with my parents, we made our way back to King's home where they were hanging out watching tv. We chatted with them for a while and then right as they were getting ready to head to bed, Fuzz threw it out there. They were so excited, and again we spent the next hour or so chatting about all the exciting things to come. There are just so many things to chat about. The amount of joy that we felt when we shared our news with both of our parents was extremely overwhelming. I don't think we could have asked for a better reaction on either side.

We are so incredible blessed to have the parents we do. I can't wait to watch Tim & Melinda be grandparents again to our sweet little baby, and I really can't wait to watch my parents become grandparents for the first time. It is going to be soo fun. This little babe is going to be so blessed and so spoiled. But, with all of this excitement, I can't help but feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for blessing us and trusting us with this incredible opportunity to be parents to one of His precious children. ❤️



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