Week 4

This was the week that brought one of the greatest surprises of my life. I found out I was pregnant and my whole heart exploded with excitement, nervousness, and pure joy. We had been trying (so it was definitely planned) and I was expecting to take a pregnancy test before my period. I patiently waited until a day before my missed period and because of my anxiousness I couldn't wait any longer. I am not very patient.

Fuzz and I had just gotten home for the day. We went downstairs to change into some comfy clothes. Fuzz ran upstairs to chat with his parents and I sort of hung behind because I was planning on taking a pregnancy test. My mind was going a million miles an hour while I was peeing on that little stick. Then, I waited. I promised myself I wouldn't even glance at it until the time was up and my mind was in such a tangled mess the whole time. Right before I looked I said a little prayer asking my Heavenly Father for the faith to except what His will was. I had an overwhelming comfort as I looked at the pregnancy test. I was so shocked and so not surprised all at the same time when there was a little pink plus sign.

I was stoked beyond comprehension and had to just be chill until we were ready to go to bed. I left the stick sitting on the bathroom counter so Fuzz would see it when he came down. Then, I ran upstairs. I spent the evening chatting my Fuzz and his parents- just chatting about life and our weekend adventures. After a couple hours of chatting we headed downstairs to go to bed.

I walked into the bedroom and Fuzz walked into the bathroom to pee. I'm just sitting there anxiously waiting for his reaction, then all of the sudden I hear him say, "Drew? Did you already pee on this stick?" I just sat there waiting for him to walk into the bedroom. He came in so excited and so confused. I confirmed to him that it was right and that I was pregnant and he was sooo excited! He is going to be the best daddy.

4 positive pregnancy test
4 people excited to meet Baby King (mom, dad, Tim, & Melinda)
So much excitement & nerves
3 cousins for Baby King & 1 on the way
1 pregnancy journal ordered

Random Memories:
I don't have any super crazy stories yet. I called the doctor in Logan and make my first appointment. My mind has been extremely forgetful. Daddy is thinking girl. I'm just thinking healthy, but somewhat feeling a girl.



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