Sunday Dinner #41

We spent the weekend camping and came home just in the nick of time to throw together a quick spaghetti dinner and eat with my grandpa and grandma. (More stories of camping to come :)) Dinner was super simple and super easy. Spaghetti is one of my most favorite dinners ever! πŸ˜› That’s about it for this Sunday.


Gpa Bday

Yesterday, June 29, was my grandpa Smuin’s birthday. He turned 62 years old and found so much joy in the fact that he could pay $10 for a lifetime national park pass. Haha it was so cute!! My grandpa loves native american’s and loves going to Fort Duchesne to the annual powwow. So, since everybody was working, doing homework, or camping, my grandparents and my parents and I went over to the powwow and walked around. It was so fun to be there with my grandpa on his birthday and experience the culture so strongly. 

Happy Birthday to my Grandpa!! πŸ™‚ 



Whoo!!!! I am soooo old. ;P Today I celebrated my 21st birthday and I am so overwhelmed I had to come hurry and write about how incredibly lucky I am. We were in the middle of the movie, but I was distracted thinking about the day and knew that I needed to express it all while I was feeling it all.

I woke up this morning to a kiss on the hand and a whispered “happy birthday” from Fuzz. After laying there for a sec, enjoying the morning I turned to see what time it was and was overwhelmed to see how many people were already wishing my a happy birthday at 7 in the morning! I was even more surprised to see that Dallen was the very first one this morning to text me birthday wishes. Which honestly started my day off about as good as it gets! I know that Dallen and I have a good relationship, but the fact that he woke up early this morning to go to golf and took the time out of his early morning to remember my birthday and text me is one of the sweetest gestures coming from this boy who doesn’t express much emotion.

I got a nice, 20 minute run in this morning. Today was the first official day of ‘half marathon training’. So, of course I had to follow the times on the trainer app, even though I wanted to run more. πŸ˜› After my little run I made my way to my Zumba class (which I’m always late to. whoops.). Unfortunately this Zumba class hasn’t been doing to great, so Lauren was the only one who showed up to it! HA! But, that also means so much to me. Lauren comes and supports me at every single one of my classes that I teach! Like, she seriously has probably only missed a hand full of classes. She probably will never really understand how much that really means to me, but I will forever be in debt to her because of how much she supports me. She doesn’t like to express her emotions a lot either, but these little things lets me know how much she cares about our friendship and our relationship. I couldn’t ask for a better supporter.

Since Zumba class was a dud, I was able to practice for my Strong by Zumba class coming up on Thursday morning and teach Lauren. When we finished there we went by my mom’s work and chatted with her, and guess what I did today?! After a year and a half I finally sent in my papers to change my name!!! I know. I suck at life for waiting that long.  There are a whole lot of reasons and back stories for that that I am not going to get into, but yeah! Finally got that done! Haha. Tim, Melinda, and Fuzz took me to Cafe Rio for lunch where I ate wayyyy too much, but decided that it was alright if I ate every last bit of my tostada today since it was my birthday.

Dallen and Maicee planned a nice little lake trip today so we spent the afternoon paddle boarding and jumping off some cliffs! It was such a great day and we made it off just in the nick of time before the storm rolled in. We made our way back to Vernal to get dinner ready and right as we started cooking everything the power went out! HA! Like what?! It was super windy, but who knows what really caused the power to go out. So, that definitely created a little bump in the road. We scrambled for a sec to try and figure out what to do, but finally we decided to just go to 4 Brother’s Pizza. It’s kind of ironic that I am the most planned out, scheduled person and then my birthday plans get changed! That’s life though. Heavenly Father wanted me to remember, even on my birthday, He’s the man in charge. LOL.

4 Brother’s Pizza turned out absolutely perfect. It was fun and different to celebrate a birthday out instead of at home. The whole fam came and we bombarded the place, but it was awesome. We are quite the crowd when we all go places, but man, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love our crazy, big, loud family that is so supportive of each other. It meant so much to me that they all came to dinner with me and spent the evening celebrating my birthday with me.

After dinner we just hung out outside watching Wrigley try and play basketball with Dallen and Fuzz, sitting on the back patio chatting and enjoying the heaven like summer evening. Today couldn’t have been a better day.

Every year I get so overwhelmed with the love that people show me. I have so many incredible people in my life that are so good to me. I feel so loved, blessed, and grateful for everything that I have. ❀

And, of course, my one birthday request is to get a picture of all my favorite people together.



Sunday Dinner #40

I’m doing Sunday Dinner #40 before #39 because I completely forgot about it and I want to do #40 while it’s still fresh in my mind. πŸ˜‹ 

This Sunday was just a typical Sunday. We went to one of Lauren’s friends mission homecoming talks. Its a good time to be in Vernal because all the missionaries are coming home so we get to go listen to lots of different talks and experiences each week. So, that’s always fun! 

Then, Fuzz and I spent the Sunday cleaning up and organizing after a long week. Fuzz did some home work. I did some laundry (maybe that’s not the best thing to admit to doing on a Sunday? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ). Fuzz took a nap. I did some catching up on pictures and memories and all that what not stuff that is so not important, but also the most important. 😜 

After a nice relaxing day, we ate dinner with Tim and Melinda. And let me just say that I don’t talk enough about how great of in-laws I have. I am so lucky to have the relationship with them that I do. I love to sit and chat with them. And I really, really enjoy sitting down to dinner, just the four of us and talking. We all get along so well and conversations flow so easily. We can talk about sports, politics, the Red Sox, life, zumba, work, family, and so much more and it’s just so fun. It’s always a good time and eating dinner with them is something that I have grown to hold very close to my heart. So, this Sunday we spent eating dinner with them and just chatted. We had some delicious baked potatoes and flank steak. πŸ˜‹

After dinner at Tim and Melinda’s, of course we made our way over to my families house and snacked on a few things at their dinner. They had some delicious chicken noodles over potatoes, salad, and root beer floats. We spent the evening just like every other Sunday Dinner at their house; just BS-ing, hanging out, playing a little back yard baseball, and enjoying being out in the cool summer evening. I am convinced one of the closest things on this earth to heaven is my grandparents back yard on a warm summer evening with all of our family together. It’s truly perfection. 

This Sunday after dinner we did something a little different, but not super different. We were able to be at my families little family home evening for the first time in a really long time. It was so fun to be able to watch a powerful church video on and then hear my family share their little testimonies and thoughts. I love being able to experience those kind of thins with them. I also love that I married somebody who is so open and willing to share his testimony. 

All in all, this Sunday, like every other Sunday was absolute perfection. 


Sunday Dinner #38

This Sunday was quite a special one. Payton Reynolds gave her farewell talk and we had to say goodbye to her for the next 18 months. Her spoke so sweetly and my testimony grew from her sweet experiences that she shared. Saying bye to her was bittersweet. I am definitely going to miss her up at Utah State this year, but I know she is going to be the best sister missionary.

Sunday Dinner was delicious and small. I feel like Sunday Dinner’s have been really small a lot lately. Everybody is so busy, always going one way or another. My grandparents were on the mountain camping, so it was just my family and Angie’s family. We had some delicious steaks, salmon, salad, and vegetables. πŸ˜‹ It was a good day! I am making a video of the whole big family to give to my grandpa for Father’s Day. So, I got a lot of that done, which was way nice!!

Like I always say, I am so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. ❀



Real Lifeο»Ώ

Being home this summer we have been able to experience some pretty awesome things. Our eyes have been opened a lot to how incredibly hard our parents work. We have both been so incredibly blessed in our lives- never having to go without, and always getting pretty much everything we ever wanted. That still continues today. We are so lucky to have parents that are so willing to help out when we need it and support us in any and every way that they can.

Growing up means taking on more responsibility and having to do a lot more things on our own- pay for our own bills and what not, ya know? Just the stupid adult stuff. πŸ˜› The more I start realizing how expensive things can be and how fast things can add up, I become more and more grateful for parents that worked so incredibly hard to provide for our family. My mom has always worked so hard to keep the house clean, to set a good example of hard work, loving others, and caring for yourself. She always made the most delicious treats and meals. She worked, she followed us around, and she always made sure we were taken care of in every aspect. Like, that’s freaking exhausting!!! Seriously. People completely underestimate the stress a mother takes on. The older I get and the more wife roles I take on, I become more and more grateful for my mom for putting up with me and providing for me in so many ways for so many years!

When I was in the awful pre-teen years I used to get so embarrassed for people to know that my dad was a plumber. I did everything I could to avoid being seen riding around in his work truck. Now, that is one of the top 5 most embarrassing and regretful things I have ever done/felt. If I could ever go back in time I would be nothing but proud and grateful for my dad and what he does. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. He is such a people person and knows how to work well with others. Today I can honestly say that I love to ride around in my dad’s work truck whenever I get the opportunity. I am proud to tell other people what he does. I appreciate more than ever how hard he works and how much he provides for his family.

Because of the incredible parents I have, I have been so blessed and so loved. I have learned so much from them. I will forever be sooo grateful for what they do in life and how they do it. They are the greatest people I know and I am soo proud of who they are.

Real life gets hard sometimes. It can be overwhelming. It can be a slap in the face. But, hard work always pays off. I know that because my parents taught me that and I get to look up to their example every single day. ❀



After a dang good night sleep because we were so dang exhausted,  we woke up with sooo much excitement because today was the day we were going to the one and only- Fenway Park. Fenway Park is truly one of my top 5 places in the whole entire world. It gives me all sorts of butterflies and chills just thinking about it. πŸ’•

We met up with Tim and Melinda at their hotel and went to breakfast at the Prudential Tower (which is definitely a must if you are going to Boston). The Prudential Tower is a restaurant at the top of one of the tallest towers in Boston that overlooks the city a full 360 degrees so you can see out at every angle for sooo far. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The food was delicious, the people were so nice, and we enjoyed our first stop before making our way to Fenway. 

As you leave the Prudential Tower and walk towards Fenway you pass one of the oldest operating fire stations in Boston, which was actually burned at one point, and is seriously beautiful. It has nothing important to it, except the fact that it was one of the first buildings and sites I got to experience on my first trip to Boston so I was overwhelmed to be there again. 

Then, because I am a mean daughter-in-law and made everybody walk everywhere, we started our walk to Fenway Park. And the butterflies the whole walk were unreal. Then, you walk around the last corner and see it for the first time in all its glory brings literal tears to your eyes. It is incredible. We walked around it, we walked in shops, we walked to Yawkey Way, and soaked it all in. We got lucky again because it was supposed to be soo rainy, but as we started our Fenway Park tour the sun was out and shining and being so beautiful for us. 

The Fenway Park tour is so freaking sweet. It takes you through the history and fun facts of Fenway. You get to see so many different angles of the field that you normally wouldn’t be able to see if you were just going to a game. You even get to go up on the Green Monster!! 😍

After the tour we are a little snack/light dinner at the classic Cask’n Flaggon right outside of Fenway. It is one of the only restaurants that has been there almost as long as Fenway has, and it was delicious! After dinner we went into the game as soon as the gates opened and sat there soaking it all up. The game was incredible. I secretly cried to myself when the played Sweet Caroline in the 8th inning because it’s my favorite part. But, the game was incredible, even though they lost. πŸ™ƒ We left Fenway that day with our hearts in the clouds. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. It was amazing. It was breathtaking. It was fun. We got to watch the Red Sox at Fenway Park and we couldn’t have been more like little kids on Christmas morning. In fact, my favorite quote of the day from Tim was, 

“Walking into Fenway the first time was almost the walking into the temple. It was truly a spiritual experience.”



Sitting in Logan in the dead of winter (especially while I was in school) I got so antsy to get out and do something or plan something. So, because I couldn’t do anything at that exact time, I instead started to plan a fun get away trip for Fuzz and I. I love love love to travel. Fuzz gets stressed traveling, but loves it when we get there. Haha so, as I was planning this trip I was actually planning about 5 different trips which I would then present to Fuzz to try and pursuade him to take me on one. πŸ˜‹ In the process of planning a trip I looked at New York, North Carolina, Georgia, and Boston.  Obviously Boston won. It was definitely not a hard choice. We really wanted/want to go to all those other places I had planned, but Boston was definitely on the top of Fuzz’s list and I absolutely love Boston so it made for an easy decision for us. We booked flights and hotels and got everything settled. Then, as we were sharing our excitement with Fuzz’s parents, they asked if they could tag along. So, they booked their flights and hotels as well and we were all ready for one of the best trips!! 

It came quick and thank goodness for that. We were so excited!! Unfortunate, because we tried to get cheap flights, the flights weren’t super convenient. Haha so, as we drove out to salt lake and prepared ourselves for the red eye flight we were all so positive, but on the inside we all knew that it was going to suck. Haha and it definitely did suck. Our flight took off at about midnight and we slept the best we could so we would be ready for the long day ahead of us. After we landed we got an Uber that took us to our hotel. Because we got there so early (like 5 a.m.) we were planning on just asking the front desk guy if we could keep our luggage there while we walked around until it was time to check in. But, thank goodness for sweet people (and a helpful tip of cash) the front desk guy let us check in at 5 a.m. It was seriously so lucky, and it was so nice to be able to relax for a sec before we set out on our adventures. 

Haha gosh. The first day was definitely a rough day. The whole trip was supposed to be freezing cold and rainy, but I don’t think we were fully mentally prepared for that. Also, because of my excitement and my fear of missing out on anything and everything, I made us start walking the freedom trail right at 6 a.m. after we had gotten everything into our hotel room. So, yay! I was so excited to start walking. But, my excitement didn’t let me think things through and realize that nothing was going to be open at 6 in the morning. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ As we were walking the freedom trail I began to get disappointed because we couldn’t do any of the things I remember doing. I was so confused. We had been walking and venturing for about 2 hours before I realized that nothing was freaking open at the butt crack of dawn. Haha sooo… yeah. Bad call on my part. Because we had already walked half the freedom trail without being able to fully experience it, and because we were so exhausted, we trekked back to our hotel so we could take a nap. And man, was it worth it. We slept for about 3 1/2 hours and then we were ready to get back out there again.

We finished walking the other half of the freedom trail and we got so lucky because the rain kept holding out for us. It was supposed to be so stormy the whole weekend, and so far we were lucking out. The sun was shining, it definitely wasn’t warm, but at least the sun was shining. We walked to Bunker Hill, ventured around the U.S.S. Constitution, and then walked down through Little Italy. And like I have said before, Little Italy is seriously one of my most favorite places. After walking sooo many steps we got to take a break and go on the awesome Ghosts & Graveyards Tour of Boston. This tour is seriously awesome and so fun!! The tour takes you around the many cemeteries buried in the heart of Boston. You learn some of the most random, interesting facts and grow to love Boston for all of its incredible history. 

After the Ghost Tour we made our way back to Little Italy where we then ate at Regina’s Pizza. So delicious, so awesome, and so deep in culture. You get thrown right into the culture of Boston in Little Italy. Little Italy is the oldest neighbor in Boston so it’s legit. Ahh. I love it!! Dinner was absolutely delicious, then we made our way back to the hotel where we slept soooooo good because we were exhausted. 30,000 steps total on our first day, and each step was so adventurous and fun!